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Nanny background checks AND surveillance

Our case of the week actually involves two different cases that we completed by conducting surveillance on nannies.

These cases really brought home the need to have a private investigator perform background checks and surveillance on nannies when your children are solely in their care.

It is critical to the overall process that you have your nanny followed whether she is driving or is simply walking through your neighborhood with your child. Here are two common instances that we discovered last week.

Help find Michael Ryan Peterson

Case of the week: Runaway Michael Ryan Peterson

In the late evening hours of Sunday, October 18, 2015, 6 patients escaped the Sovereign Health Group (a rehabilitation center in El Cajon, California) by climbing over the fences.

5 were quickly found, but a month later, 16-year-old Michael Ryan Peterson was still missing.

This case landed on my desk on November 17, 2015 – nearly 30 full days after Michael went missing – when Michael’s grandfather called our Newport Beach office.

This is the story of the entire case, and what happened to Michael.

You're not crazy: A cheating spouse surveillance case

You’re not crazy: A cheating spouse surveillance case

Today’s case of the week was not one for the faint of heart – it involves a surveillance job that crossed into another state and five different modes of transportation: a commercial aircraft, taxicab, tour bus, helicopter and a rafting boat.

Yolanda, a 33-year-old mother of four, came into our Newport Beach office on a Thursday morning with a simple request: “Can you follow my husband on a business trip?”

“No problem,” I said (quite prematurely as it turned out), “What information do you have on the trip?”

Yolanda then reached into her purse and pulled out copies she had made from her husband’s computer. It detailed an upcoming Friday morning airline flight for “two” from Orange County John Wayne Airport to Las Vegas, Nevada. There was a return flight late Sunday evening back to Orange County. The tickets listed her husband’s name, Eric, and an unknown female named, “Carolyn.” She found no other details.

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Case of the Week: Outside firms can’t reduce your IRS debt

This week, a fairly sophisticated businessman we’ll call “Trevor” came to our San Francisco office for tax relief help. He requested we research the best firm out there to assist people and businesseses when they fall behind on their taxes.

Trevor’s visit would be brief with no retainer or funds being exchanged.

The people that work in our company are former Federal agents of the FBI, DEA, IRS and Secret Service. To that end, all of our former IRS agents would tell you unequivocally not to be taken in by the idea that a firm can reduce the amount of your tax liability. In the vast majority of cases, this is a fairy-tale, and a way for unscrupulous businesses to take your hard-earned money.


Case of the week: Finding a good wealth manager

Our case of the week involves a three-generational family that had just lost the patriarch of the family, “George”, who died a few weeks ago at the age of 91. His wife of 66 years, “Lucille”, is in relatively good health at age 89. Unfortunately, she could not say the same about her financial portfolios and investment strategies.

Like many people who have small or large portfolios, they often get stuck in a rut, letting months and years go by before they actually sit down with their financial adviser for a consultation. Most wealth managers won’t complain, as they get paid incredible fees every month or quarter – whether they perform on not.


Case of the week: Surveillance case for out-of-control teenager

For our case of the week, we were hired by parents to perform surveillance on their 16-year-old daughter, “Shannon”. She was abusing drugs and alcohol, not attending school and had actually struck her mother in the face on two occasions.

In 2015, we have had approximately 50 cases where a parent or custodial guardian has retained our surveillance services. The evidence we gather during these cases nearly always results in a big nightmare for the parents. However, when the parents listen to our counsel, the children general have a great chance to change and recover.