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Nanny background checks AND surveillance

Our case of the week actually involves two different cases that we completed by conducting surveillance on nannies. These cases really brought home the need to have a private investigator perform background checks and surveillance on nannies when your children are solely in their care. It is critical to the overall process that you have…

Help find Michael Ryan Peterson

Case of the week: Runaway Michael Ryan Peterson

In the late evening hours of Sunday, October 18, 2015, 6 patients escaped the Sovereign Health Group (a rehabilitation center in El Cajon, California) by climbing over the fences.

5 were quickly found, but a month later, 16-year-old Michael Ryan Peterson was still missing.

This case landed on my desk on November 17, 2015 – nearly 30 full days after Michael went missing – when Michael’s grandfather called our Newport Beach office.

This is the story of the entire case, and what happened to Michael.