Two senior citizens on a bench, image featured in an article about avoiding senior abuse

Avoid senior citizen abuse: How to check in on a senior no matter where you live

From my chair as a private investigator, we receive calls daily from senior citizens that want to engage our services to help them resolve abusive issues they are going through: physical, sexual, emotional and financial. I’ve found that the matters that involve money are more common than the others combined.

The key to avoiding senior abuse is communication. You want to check in with them. Even if you live far away, or in a distant state. Here’s how.

Unannounced visits to senior care facilities

Investigation of senior facilities by private investigators

I guarantee you that a visit from a licensed PI for your mom, dad or grandparent will be the talk of the facility that day – for both the staff and the residents. When I walk in and say, “Hi, I’m Tom Martin and I’m a private investigator. I’m here to check on Mary Lou Smith,” with my license in hand, the reaction is priceless – and very telling. Some staff immediately get flustered and literally hold up their hands in front of me, as if to try to bar me. “Whoa, whoa whoa….”

Background checks on caregivers

Background checks on caregivers

Over the past decade, the use of in-home caregivers has increased to serve the growing necessities of the aging population in the United States. These caregivers assist elderly and disabled individuals with the needs of daily life from helping take medication to bathing. Caregivers spend hours each day with patients in their homes, sometimes even…