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Being the parent or guardian of a teenager is never an easy task. There is often a fine line between typical teen behavior and definite warning signs of a troubled teen. Dealing with problem teens is where I come in.

As a private investigative firm, we are contacted almost daily from parents who have children that have run away from home. Many come to Los Angeles or Hollywood in hopes of chasing movie star dreams.

Woman found after being held captive for 2 months

Woman found after being held captive for 2 months

Truth is almost always stranger (and scarier) than fiction. That’s certainly the situation with the news coming out of Evansville, Indiana, where a woman was found after being missing for 2 months and being held captive in a wooden cage.

Fortunately, this story has a positive ending. This post discusses details of the Evansville case and why private investigators can help in missing person cases.

Private investigation and hiring a PI

James Foley, Crystal Morrison Prentice & hiring PI’s

The United States government has a longstanding policy against paying ransom demands to terrorist organizations. While this is a hot topic as of late, it is understandable from a purely analytical standpoint: The government does not want to fund terrorism. Of course, on an emotional level, most people would certainly be willing to do anything, even pay a ransom, to get someone home safely. This was illustrated in the recent tragic murder of journalist James Foley at the hands of ISIS.

Missing child in Hollywood

What to do when you have a missing child in Hollywood

Every day of the year, children under the age of 18 arrive in Hollywood determined to become the next Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie. Many never see the inside of a movie theater let alone be on the big screen. Most find flophouses from the San Fernando Valley to the hills of Hollywood to the tough streets of Los Angeles. Many never get an interview, and most are never invited to an audition.

It is often not pretty here in the entertainment capital of the world. For many, despair results in a turn to drugs and alcohol. Some commit suicide. Many are exploited into the world of pornography or prostitution. Some are preyed upon by sexual predators or entangled in the world of sex trafficking.

When you have a missing child in Hollywood that falls off the societal map, what do you do? This post discusses the steps that you can take in this situation.