The top 10 reasons to use a travel agent

The top 10 reasons to use a travel agent

Given that most people now make their own (personal and business) travel plans online, many are surprised to learn we use actual travel agents to book our travel, hotels and rental vehicles.

But, when we show people our billings and they see the time and money we are saving, most of them start to use our travel agents.

Madeleine McCann, pictured here at 3-years-old in 2007, has been missing since then.

12 years later: The Madeleine McCann case may be one of the most poorly investigated

Over the past twelve years, I have given a handful of interviews about this case and written on particulars of the investigation. At one point, the family’s representatives considered us as an agency to investigate the case. I do wish we had been selected as the lead agency, and I often wonder what difference we could have made in this investigation.

Here’s what I would recommend for the case now.

Reflections on Tahrir Square, Cairo

Reflections on Tahrir Square – Cairo, Egypt

In early May of 2013 I stood in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt taking the photo above. I was struck that the square was virtually empty. No protestors, flying flags, flashing green lasers, fireworks or honking horns. I then walked over and took a second photo of the burned-out National Democratic Party building which was…

Tour Israel with an excellent guide

Tour Israel with an excellent guide

My feet first touched the ground of Israel in 1973, when the purpose of my visit was to meet with officials regarding my duties as a Drug Enforcement Agent. I didn’t return to tour Israel for another 40 years. In May of 2013 I returned with my wife and some dear friends from Toronto. Prior…