Ask A PI: Thomas Martin answers questions people have about private investigation

What is a PI’s most common type of case?

I think the most common PI case, at least for most private investigators or agencies, involves cheating spouses. While we do our share of those cases, they only represent about 5% of our business in our five California offices and casework throughout the United States. Our most common case at Martin Investigative Services involves clients throughout corporate America that retain us to determine who is stealing time, money or product from them.

employee background check

Employee background checks: DIY or hire a pro?

Most people won’t even go on a blind date without at least Googling the person they’re going out with. When hiring, many HR departments won’t go beyond a quick criminal records check and a phone call to three references (provided by the potential employee) before making the decision to hire. This posts discusses the limits…

Thoughts on 'Hannibal', Hollywood investigations, serial killers & intuition

Thoughts on ‘Hannibal’, Hollywood investigations, serial killers & intuition

As a professional private investigator and a former Federal agent, it can be very hard for me to watch television. With rare exception, nearly every Hollywood depiction of private investigation and criminal investigation consistently gets it wrong. I recently caught an episode of the TV show Hannibal. I enjoyed the quality of the show: the…

Clarity on background checks

Clarity on background checks

Whether you are getting married or considering a business partnership, background checks and asset searches are effective tools in confirming information and validating an individual’s reputation.  It is critical that the information you receive from a background check is current and has been thoroughly reviewed by a professional investigator.