Thomas G. Martin is a former supervisory Federal agent, and the owner of Martin Investigative Services. With corporate offices in Orange County's Newport Beach, Martin oversees 22 private investigators, many of whom are former agents with the FBI, DEA, IRS and Secret Service. Martin posts updates from time to time on Facebook and YouTube.

Jennifer Lawrence & the iCloud photo leak: How to avoid it happening to you

Jennifer Lawrence & the iCloud photo leak: How to avoid it happening to you

Yesterday, several hundred photos of celebrities that took naked or partially naked “selfies” were posted online. Included were several compromising pictures of one of the biggest names in Hollywood right now, Jennifer Lawrence. The leak appears to involve the theft of these photos from Apple’s iCloud service, which automatically backs up phones to remote cloud…

Derek Seehausen

Help find Derek Seehausen

Last week we were retained by the family of Derek Seehausen. Derek disappeared on or about August 5, 2014. Derek is a senior medical student at the University of Southern California. The family contacted the law enforcement community and their response was, quite frankly, very impressive. Interviews were conducted, homes were searched and bloodhounds were…


How to avoid investment scams (Investigate financial advisers using little or no money)

A few days ago, the Los Angeles Times reported that Irvine Police Department detectives had arrested three people in connection with an elaborate plot to defraud more than a dozen people for nearly a million dollars. As the case unfolds, there is no doubt this number will go even higher. The scheme was not elaborate,…