Background Investigation Company - Private Investigation

Background Investigation Company – Private Investigation

Private investigation is a profession that has been around for centuries. In the past, there needed to be more reliable methods of gathering information. A well-connected private investigator could find out almost anything about anybody. Today, with advanced technologies and many options for investigating different subjects, it’s easier than ever to investigate privately.

If you ever need employment background investigations, we can help. We have been doing background investigations for many years and know what it takes to get the necessary information to help anyone who needs it. Our investigators are Former Federal agents. Our network comprises private investigators that are former DEA, FBI, IRS, and Secret Service agents. Here is everything you need to know about employment background investigations.




Why do employers conduct background investigations?

Employers conduct background investigations to protect their employees, their businesses, and the clients they serve. The most common reasons for conducting background investigation companies include:

Pre-employment screening.

A pre-employment screening can be done to verify the information and confirm that a candidate meets your primary qualifications. You may want to ensure that a candidate has a high school diploma, for example, or is not on probation for a criminal offense. Background checks also provide insight into work history and performance issues in past positions.

Protecting trade secrets and confidential information.

Companies may conduct background investigations to ensure that their confidential information is protected from theft or disclosure by unauthorized parties, such as former employees who have left their employment under less-than-ideal circumstances.

Identifying criminal history and other issues that could lead to liability or harm to others.

Employers can use background checks to identify potential risks, including criminal convictions and any incidents involving workplace violence or harassment.

To ensure the safety of employees.

Employers who hire people with criminal records or other bad backgrounds often face legal problems. For example, if a person with a criminal record is employed as an accountant in your company, he may steal money from your business and use it for illegal purposes. Hence, employers must conduct background investigations on prospective employees to avoid hiring criminals.

To reduce risks of theft, damage, and loss of property.

Another reason why employers conduct background investigations is that they want to know whether an employee has any history of theft, damage, or loss of property at their previous jobs or positions. They want to ensure that there are no potential risks involved in hiring someone new into their company because it can lead to significant losses in terms of money spent on repairs or replacements and decrease employee morale due to the negative reputation such actions would create within the company.

Comply with industry regulations and laws.

The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and the laws of many states require employers to conduct background investigations as a condition of employment. These laws protect applicants and employees from discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, or disability. In addition, employers must comply with state laws regulating criminal history information use.

How do I know if a background check is legit?

The best way to determine if a background check is credible is to speak with the company and ask them about their methods. A good background check company will provide you with their investigation details, including the investigator’s name and when the report was filed.

If you are concerned about privacy issues, you can ask for a copy of your background report to be sent directly. Here are some tips for making sure the company you choose is legit:

● Look at their website and see if there is evidence that they are legitimate. Does their site look professional? Do they have testimonials from satisfied customers?

● Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website for complaints against the business. If there are any complaints, ask yourself whether this would be something you could live with before hiring them.

● Ask for references from other clients and check with them before deciding on a company.

What does a background investigation do?

Private investigators will conduct thorough searches using public and private databases that require security clearance from law enforcement agencies. They may also interview people who know the subject, such as friends and family members. The result is usually a report with details about their history, such as employment history and education records.

background investigation aims to gather relevant information and use it to make an informed decision. For example, if you are hiring someone for a position in your organization, it would be helpful to know if they have ever been arrested or convicted of a crime. Similarly, suppose you are considering buying real estate from someone. In that case, you need to know if they have any unpaid debts that affect their ability to pay off the mortgage or other financial obligations on time.

Law enforcement officials also use background investigations to solve crimes involving individuals with questionable backgrounds or motives who may have committed criminal acts against others. They use this information to determine who might be responsible for committing a particular crime and what other factors may be involved in the commission of that offense.

What causes a red flag on a background check?

In the modern world, it’s common for employers to perform background checks on prospective employees. These background checks can be performed in-house or through a third-party agency like our company. Our investigators are Federal agents. Our network comprises private investigators, former DEA, IRS, FBI, and Secret agents. Several factors may cause a red flag to appear on your background check. These include:

Unpaid debts

If you have unpaid bills or court judgments, they may be reported to the credit bureaus and appear on your background check. This can affect your ability to rent an apartment, get a job, or even purchase a home.


If you have filed for bankruptcy, it will appear as such on your background check and may impact your ability to rent an apartment or buy a home.

Civil judgments and liens

Suppose you have been sued in civil court or have had a lien placed against you due to unpaid debts. In that case, this information will be included in your background check report and any other adverse public records associated with this incident.

Criminal convictions

Any criminal convictions that resulted in jail time or probation would be included on your background check report if they happened within the past seven years or longer for felonies. This includes cases where the conviction was later overturned, but only if the case is no longer pending or open in any way; otherwise, it remains part of your permanent record and shows up in employment background investigations.

How long does a background investigation take?

The length of time to complete a background investigation varies depending on the type of job, the number of applicants, and the years you require. For example, suppose you are applying for a full-time position that requires a lot of information and is being processed on-site. In that case, it will take longer than if you are used to being a part-time sales associate with only the basic information required.

If you are hiring someone who has been with the company for some time and needs an update to their file, it can be completed in less than one week. However, if you are hiring someone new and need extensive information on their previous jobs and education history, it could take up to 60 days or more. In our experience, most investigations are finished in 30-45 days.

How much does a background investigation cost?

The cost of a background check varies depending on the type of information you want and how much time you need to get it. A simple search online can often provide the information at no charge if you’re only looking for basic information, such as criminal records, driving records, and court documents. If you want more detailed reports, however, you’ll have to pay for them.

The cost of a full-service background investigation ranges from $100 to $1,000 or more, depending on the complexity of your case and what kind of records you need to access. Investigative companies typically charge by the hour or by the case — with rates ranging from $50 to $250 per hour for each investigator on staff.

The most expensive aspect of background investigations is typically conducting interviews with references and former employers — this can take up to two weeks’ worth of work and will likely cost thousands of dollars in travel expenses alone or even more if your employer has multiple locations.


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