a highly-decorated former DEA agent 

Seeing Life Through Private Eyes

Secrets from America’s Top Investigator to Living Safer, Smarter, and Saner

The second book by Thomas G. Martin. Now available.

Life is full of obstacles, and in today’s complicated, hyper-connected world we are all seeking to gain insight and knowledge that will allow us to take charge of our own safety and well-being. As a highly-decorated former DEA agent and leading private investigator, Thomas G. Martin has seen every kind of trouble there is. In Seeing Life Through Private Eyes he provides a wealth of experience, insider information and valuable advice to readers of every background navigating life’s inevitable challenges.

Domestic difficulties and divorce, adoption and runaways, background checks , nanny background checks, and corporate espionage, home protection and traveling wisely; whatever your issue, Seeing Life Through Private Eyes offers the secrets to living smarter, safer and more securely. And just as a good investigator should, it guarantees readers the most valuable feeling of all: peace of mind.