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Tactical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM), also called bug sweeps, electronic eavesdropping detection, or bugging detection is the science of locating and eliminating devices that can gather, record, transmit or conceal information. With today’s advances in electronic eavesdropping devices, you need to stay vigilant and not allow anybody you don’t know to simply come over. Unfortunately, listening devices are sold on the Internet and are getting smaller and smaller. But, the proper equipment can and will remove these bugs. Call Martin Investigative Services for a free consultation today at 1-800-577-1080.

Tip: People search for, “companies that sweep for listening devices near me” but it’s essential to search for a.) a licensed PI b.) Transparent in cost c.) Offers a free consultation.

MartinPI Bug Sweep Team comprises former Federal Agents of the FBI, DEA, IRS, or Secret Service with years of counter-surveillance experience. We use the most current state-of-the-art equipment operated by professionally trained private investigator technicians.


Residential Bug Sweeps

Residential Bug Sweeps

How to find hidden cameras

Conducting Physical and electronic eavesdropping sweeps for apartments, homes, condos, hotel rooms, Airbnb hidden cameras, and dorm rooms.

Please note: There are active and passive eavesdropping devices, and we detect both. There are many instance where pinhole cameras are utlized so only top-of-the-line equipment is needed to detect certain types of electronic bugs.


Residential Bug Sweep Detection

Here at Martin Investigative Services, our bug sweeps detect wireless bugs, carrier current bugs, audio and optical bugging devices and various other cellular eavesdropping devices.

We also capture micro wireless video devices, laser and infrared eavesdropping devices and other spyware and malware.

Business Bug Sweeps
Business Bug Sweeps

Conducting Physical and electronic eavesdropping sweeps for corporate offices, executive offices, conference rooms bug sweeps, restrooms, conference rooms and various other areas.

Electronic Office Equipment

We review “anything” electronic that may be hiding electronic bugs such as clocks, smoke detectors, fax machines, pens, paintings, business phone lines and anything connected to your WIFI network.

You see, if you have business ideas seeming to be known by competitors, i.e., price points changes, etc., there may be a audio bug listening in to your company meetings. 

Vehicle Bug Sweeps
Vehicle Bug Sweeps

How to tell if your car is bugged

Conducting physical and electronic eavesdroping sweeps for all types of vehicles, for example, trucks, cars, delivery trucks, etc.

Other types of search include aircrafts, Yachts, boats, school buses. Have your vehicle bug sweep today. 

GPS Bug Sweep Service

Vehicle Sweeps

Is your vehicle being tracked? It is easy to set up GPS trackers. GPS trackers are inexpensive and can be rented. You may not be able to see them, but they could be hidden. The tracking of vehicles can provide a wealth of information for spying. They can tell spies where you are and when you’re going. Your schedule, favorite places, and even covert meetings can all be viewed.

What kind of bug sweep services can I expect?

If you live in Sacramento County and are concerned about electronic eavesdropping devices planted in your vehicle or perhaps your house or corporate office, then read on. There are various technical surveillance countermeasures out there, but only a highly skilled “experienced” private investigator can complete the bug sweep services that you can have confidence in. Here at Martin Investigative Services, after 50 years of investigation work, we have done thousands of vehicle, home, and corporate bug sweeps throughout the Sacramento County basin.
The increase in camera finds is directly related to two issues. First, high-end cameras that are contained in plants, clocks, fans, smoke detectors, and headboards are difficult to detect by the layman.

How does bug sweep work?

Battery vs. Continuous Power

There are two basic types of devices discovered during bug sweeps:

Battery-powered. These are unique in that their battery does need to be replaced from time to time. This fact provides opportunities to catch the perpetrators hiding cameras.

Continuously-powered. These are powered by power lines, phone lines, items plugged into outlets, or even the outlet faces themselves.

No matter how diligent people think they have been in hiring a private investigator, there is one area where people usually get ripped off. It is the biggest lie in our business, and it has been for the past fifty years.
This lie has to do with what we call “electronic eavesdropping detection sweeps” or what is commonly known by the public as “bug sweeps“.
The truth is: 99.8% of all private investigators do not have the training, experience, or knowledge to conduct a bug sweep of your home, business, or vehicle. They have never worked a wiretap, Title III, or even a pin register. Most don’t even know what those are.

Listen to Thomas Martin (Video)

Martin Investigative Services provides a full bug sweep services, utilizing the latest in detection equipment, and with sweeps performed and supervised by former agents of the FBI, DEA, IRS or Secret Service. You will definitely know about any recording devices or cameras planted in your home or business. If we find nothing, you get finality, a sense of security and never ever have to ask us if we missed something. If we do find something, we’ll help you deal with the problem once it is confirmed.

Why Choose Martin Investigative Services for your electronic counter surveillance services

To assure we are 100% confident in our ability to locate hidden cameras, and infrared eavesdropping devices, we must regularly purchase (and in some cases develop) the latest bug-sweeping detection equipment. The cost for these devices and specialty equipment ranges from $5,000.00 to $100,000.00.
We typically use three technicians to complete bug sweeps. Each has a minimum of 25 years as law enforcement officials with direct experience monitoring wiretaps, pen registers, and electronic detection of devices placed by the “bad guys”. The key is this: We use very sophisticated equipment in the hands of experienced technicians unsurpassed within the current investigative establishment.

Residence Bug Sweep

Over the past 50 years, the #1 question I am asked about bug sweeps (electronic eavesdropping detection sweeps) is: Can you find a hidden camera in my bedroom?
The answer is an unequivocal yes. And we do find them.
Let me describe a common scenario: In divorce cases, we are hired by the wife about 80% of the time. It’s not uncommon for the wife to be concerned about their soon-to-be ex-husband – who is a control freak and suffers from some sort of narcissistic personality disorder.
In cases like this, we find cameras in the wife’s bedroom about 17% of the time.
Overall, if we find any hidden cameras in a residence, 90% of the time we find they are strategically placed in the bedroom to monitor the bed area.

Find out with a Sacramento County professional bug sweep.

Does your Sacramento home or business not feel right? Suspect you’re being watched? Are you the victim of corporate espionage?
In an age of unlimited online media, the personal, professional, and financial fallout from illegal audio and visual bugs can be devastating.

The peace of mind and security that comes from knowing for sure is invaluable. Remove electronic eavesdropping devices today!
Martin Investigative Services offers Sacramento County homeowner and business owner electronic surveillance detection specialists that can identify and disable every possible device that is jeopardizing your personal or business security.

Call today at 1-800-577-1080 for a confidential free consultation.

We can identify hidden bugs with a 100% Guarantee.

Start right now and protect your privacy rights and let us help you find the bug and perpetrator!

Bug Sweep Detection Services Near Me

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