Ask A PI: Thomas Martin answers questions people have about private investigation

If a background check was run on you, here’s what would be in it

You’ve probably wondered at some point: If someone ran a background check on me, what would be in it?

Believe me when I say you would be shocked at what’s actually in these reports: I’m a private investigator whose agency performs hundreds of these background checks and asset searches every year.

The sheer amount of data in these reports is staggering: Many of them are a hundred pages or more.


How to avoid investment scams (Investigate financial advisers using little or no money)

A few days ago, the Los Angeles Times reported that Irvine Police Department detectives had arrested three people in connection with an elaborate plot to defraud more than a dozen people for nearly a million dollars. As the case unfolds, there is no doubt this number will go even higher. The scheme was not elaborate,…

The Case of the Hollywood Celebrity Divorce Bugs. Video. Martin Investigative Services. (800) 577-1080

The Case of the Hollywood Celebrity Divorce Bugs

In the case of a celebrity divorce, when two famous and powerful people in Hollywood go to war in court, each side has the money to hire multiple attorneys, private investigators, forensic accountants, and other experts. A few years ago, Martin Investigative Services was retained by a celebrity in this situation. When our client disregarded…