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Theft of Intellectual Property

Theft of Intellectual Property

THEFT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTYThe Theft of Intellectual Property, DuPont & Bug SweepsMost industry giants rely on patented and protected information for their edge, and corporate espionage is always present within the ranks of major players. A recent conviction highlights just how serious the consequences can be for the theft of intellectual property and trade secrets – for … Read more

Your Corporate Office Needs to Be Swept

YOUR CORPORATE OFFICE NEEDS TO BE SWEPTCORPORATE OFFICE BUG SWEEPKeep your area from prying eyes and ears. Bug sweep!Let’s talk about technical surveillance bugs – devices that are planted in your place of business so that the competition can learn your secrets. If you think you have electronic bugs, and chances are possible due to … Read more

How Corporate Bug Sweeps Protect Your IP

Bug Sweeps

HOW CORPORATE BUG SWEEPS PROTECT YOUR IPCALL US TODAY!PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR CORPORATE BUG SWEEP Our Bug Sweep Team Protects ALL Your Privacy Intensively!We offer more than just a simple bug sweep service; we also assess the threats to your privacy and provide recommendations to protect yourself from future surveillance.After discovering the device, our corporate bug sweeps provide … Read more

Corporations Bug Sweep Residential Homes

Bug Sweeps

Corporations Are Bug Sweeping Residential Homes During COVID-19Over the past 60 days, Martin Investigative Services has received a significantly higher amount of inquiries from corporations that want bug sweep / TCSM services.  What really might grab you is that they are requesting sweeps of residential homes.Traditionally about 80% of the bug sweep requests we receive come from executives … Read more

Private Investigation Explained Simply

Martin Investigative Services

PRIVATE INVESTIGATION EXPLAINED SIMPLYWhat PI’s Actually Do. How Long It Takes. How Much It Costs.What people often expect from my private investigative agency is usually informed by what they’ve seen private investigators do in movies and on TV.The problem is that I very rarely see an accurate Hollywood portrayal of private investigators.  I’ve written about this quite a bit.  … Read more

Hidden Microphone

SWEEP HOUSE FOR LISTENING DEVICESweep house for listening device Do you want to sweep the house for the listening device? We understand that it is difficult for you, especially when you are not a professional. You do not need to worry because our investigators will provide high-quality services. They are fully trained to find surveillance … Read more

Corporate Bug Sweep California

Corporate Bug Sweep

CORPORATE BUG SWEEPProtect Your Business from Espionage and SurveillanceCorporate espionage and surveillance risk increase as businesses rely on technology to store sensitive information and communicate with clients and partners. Competitors, hackers, and even insiders may try to access your confidential data or monitor your communication channels to gain an unfair advantage. To protect your business … Read more