Employee Fraud

EMPLOYEE FRAUD INVESTIGATION SERVICESMost companies don’t realize that they are victims of fraud every day.When most people think of fraud, they believe it will never happen to them.The most common forms of employment fraud are theft, embezzlement, and forgery.Most companies don’t realize that they are victims of fraud each day.Call (800) 577-1080CALL US TODAY! EMPLOYEE … Read more

Theft of Intellectual Property

Theft of Intellectual Property

THEFT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTYThe Theft of Intellectual Property, DuPont & Bug SweepsMost industry giants rely on patented and protected information for their edge, and corporate espionage is always present within the ranks of major players. A recent conviction highlights just how serious the consequences can be for the theft of intellectual property and trade secrets – for … Read more

Tips On Cleaning Up Employee Theft to Increase Company Revenues

Employee Theft

TIPS ON CLEANING UP EMPLOYEE THEFT TO INCREASE COMPANY REVENUESThree out of four employees are stealing from employers, a fact that could change with an independent private investigative firm asking the right questions.After years of stagnant sales, companies have had to rely heavily on cost cuts to shore up profit margins, and they continue to … Read more

The Top 5 Reasons Every Business Needs a Private Investigator

Reasons a Business Needs a PI

THE TOP 5 REASONS EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS A PRIVATE INVESTIGATORWhat do you think when someone mentions a private investigator? Do you envision a man taking pictures of an unfaithful couple from the parking lot of a seedy motel? Or do images of distraught parents searching for their wayward adult children come to mind?Private investigators are … Read more

Types of Business Fraud

Business Fraud

TYPES OF BUSINESS FRAUD A 2013 report suggested that 70% of companies fell victim to business fraud in 2013. This was up from 61% in 2012.I previously wrote a piece for the Orange County Business Journal about common ways OC businesses are getting ripped off every year. In this post, I’m listing popular types of fraud … Read more

Workers Comp Fraud Government Agencies

Workers Comp Fraud

WORKERS’ COMP FRAUD IN GOVERNMENT AGENCIESThose that commit workers’ comp fraud against the United States government are in the major leagues of stupidity and hubris.CALL US TODAY! Check out these 3 head-shaking cases in the news recently:1.In mid-December, former California Highway Patrol Officer Tony Yao received a jury conviction on felony charges stating that he did not … Read more

Workplace Theft

WORKPLACE THEFTWorkplace Theft: Two Recent CasesReputable statistics on workplace theft show that nearly 75% of employees have stolen at least once from their employer, and over half of those are repeat offenders.The types of theft that occur today differ from those in the past. While some employees are still stealing physical items or cash from their … Read more

Your Corporate Office Needs to Be Swept

YOUR CORPORATE OFFICE NEEDS TO BE SWEPTCORPORATE OFFICE BUG SWEEPKeep your area from prying eyes and ears. Bug sweep!Let’s talk about technical surveillance bugs – devices that are planted in your place of business so that the competition can learn your secrets. If you think you have electronic bugs, and chances are possible due to … Read more

The Fate of Trustify

Cyber Security

THE FATE OF TRUSTIFYTrustify was originally called FlimFlam. That should have been a red-flag. In the summer of 2015, I received quite a few calls and emails about a new PI company called Trustify. The business model was essentially supposed to be Uber for private investigation. The creator of this company was Daniel Boice, a self-proclaimed … Read more