Dylan with baby Cary

This challenged teenager needs a smile and your support

Dylan is an emotionally troubled teen that was subjected to unspeakable abuses at the hand of his mother while in her custody.

With the support of multiple therapists, hospitalizations, family, friends, and by the Grace of God – Dylan has survived.

Dylan was born with short stature syndrome and was treated with HGH for 10 years. This helped with his height, as he’s 5’7″ at 19 1/2 years of age. But, he has severe dental problems as a result of medications and his custodial parent leaving his braces on for 2+ years longer than needed.

Unannounced visits to senior care facilities

Investigation of senior facilities by private investigators

I guarantee you that a visit from a licensed PI for your mom, dad or grandparent will be the talk of the facility that day – for both the staff and the residents. When I walk in and say, “Hi, I’m Tom Martin and I’m a private investigator. I’m here to check on Mary Lou Smith,” with my license in hand, the reaction is priceless – and very telling. Some staff immediately get flustered and literally hold up their hands in front of me, as if to try to bar me. “Whoa, whoa whoa….”

Opiate addiction, drug doctors, & millions of dollars

Opiate addiction, drug doctors & millions of dollars

Los Angeles-area general practitioner Dr. Lisa Tseng was sentenced to thirty years to life this month after three of her patients fatally overdosed on painkillers. This marks the first time in US history a doctor has been convicted of murder for overprescribing drugs.

Tseng’s case shines a light on one of the single biggest problems facing our nation today: Opiate addiction – the dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about. Drug addiction barely merited a discussion in the recent presidential debates, though several states where primaries were held are awash in drug problems.

A change of heart: Reconciling Catholicism & Divorce

Your man will not change: Don’t be afraid of divorce

Certain things stick with you from a seminary education in the 1960s, and one of them was the idea of ‘No divorce’. As a Catholic, I accepted this edict unquestioningly.

After years of conducting marital surveillances, for a primarily female clientele of 80%, my opinions on divorce began to change. Radically. Over and over I saw women who were staying in terrible relationships. Granted, anyone who is consulting me is already on the marital Titanic.

Dumb & Dumber: El Chapo & Sean Penn

Dumb & Dumber: El Chapo & Sean Penn

As a former Drug Enforcement Administration supervisory agent, I watched the Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman soap opera unfold with a growing sense of disbelief. As the uproar from Sean Penn’s misguided meeting with one of the world’s most wanted criminals begins to subside, I can only shake my head and wonder, in a contest between dumb and dumber, who is more misguided and who has the bigger ego?

El Chapo is supposedly a brilliant criminal mastermind. But I’m not sure that is an accurate description.