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Teen impersonates police officer to court Hooters girls

Every day, one of our five offices gets a call from a parent who wants us to help them with their troubled teenager that has behavioral issues or problems or with drugs and alcohol. The parents are at their wit’s end and simply don’t know what do to. Fortunately, we do.

I have lectured about this subject, and I’ve written extensively about it. And just when I thought I’d heard it all, up pops 18 year-old Nicholas M. Fuhst with a hair-brained idea for his local Hooters.

Fuhst recently decided to enter a Hooters in Kochville, Michigan and announce he was an “undercover cop.” This is funny to me, because he clearly doesn’t the concept of “undercover”. Having worked as an undercover Drug Enforcement Administration agent for many years, I don’t recall ever announcing to the bad guys that I was working undercover.

Teen military boot camps and work ranches DO NOT WORK

Teen military boot camps and work ranches DO NOT WORK

Recently a New Mexico couple made national headline news this past week by making their 16-year-old son stay in a tent which was pitched in the parent’s backyard as a form of punishment. Opinions were all over the board about this, but trust me: Punishment like this does not work.

Boot camps and work ranches that focus on breaking teens like wild horses only make things worse. You need to get to the core of the behavioral problem, and like anything else in life that is worthwhile: It takes a lot of time and work.

Dylan with baby Cary

This challenged teenager needs a smile and your support

Dylan is an emotionally troubled teen that was subjected to unspeakable abuses at the hand of his mother while in her custody.

With the support of multiple therapists, hospitalizations, family, friends, and by the Grace of God – Dylan has survived.

Dylan was born with short stature syndrome and was treated with HGH for 10 years. This helped with his height, as he’s 5’7″ at 19 1/2 years of age. But, he has severe dental problems as a result of medications and his custodial parent leaving his braces on for 2+ years longer than needed.