Finding Hidden Cameras in Corporate Offices

Corporate Bug Sweep California

Corporate Bug Sweep

CORPORATE BUG SWEEPProtect Your Business from Espionage and SurveillanceCorporate espionage and surveillance risk increase as businesses rely on technology to store sensitive information and communicate with clients and partners. Competitors, hackers, and even insiders may try to access your confidential data or monitor your communication channels to gain an unfair advantage. To protect your business … Read more

How to Detect Hidden Cameras Listening Devices

How to Detect Hidden Cameras Listening Devices

PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR NEAR ME Contact Us Today! How to detect hidden cameras & listening devices The best way to detect hidden cameras and listening devicesYou may be wondering how to detect hidden cameras and listening devices. Well, wonder no more! This guide will show you how to find any spy gear that may be covertly watching or listening … Read more

Is It Illegal to Put Cameras in Someone Else's House

Hidden Camera

PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR NEAR ME Laws against hidden camerasIs It Illegal to Put a Camera In Someone Else’s HouseOur investigators will find any and all hidden cameras. GUARANTEED.As private investigators and former Federal agents, we are routinely hired to perform bug sweeps of residences and businesses to find hidden cameras and listening devices.One of the most common questions people ask … Read more