Michael Ryan Peterson missing person case, 2015

Missing person case: Resolution for Christmas

Dozens of people expressed interest in the Michael Ryan Peterson runaway case. We had about 30 missing person cases like this in 2015. Some were a little tougher and unfortunately, there are three cases where we still haven’t the missing person.

Those cases keep you up at night.

A couple days ago, I received three photos from Michael’s grandparents, who visited him today in Utah. Above is one of them. What a great Christmas present for all three.

Help find Michael Ryan Peterson

Case of the week: Runaway Michael Ryan Peterson

In the late evening hours of Sunday, October 18, 2015, 6 patients escaped the Sovereign Health Group (a rehabilitation center in El Cajon, California) by climbing over the fences.

5 were quickly found, but a month later, 16-year-old Michael Ryan Peterson was still missing.

This case landed on my desk on November 17, 2015 – nearly 30 full days after Michael went missing – when Michael’s grandfather called our Newport Beach office.

This is the story of the entire case, and what happened to Michael.