Private investigation and hiring a PI

James Foley, Crystal Morrison Prentice & hiring PI’s

The United States government has a longstanding policy against paying ransom demands to terrorist organizations. While this is a hot topic as of late, it is understandable from a purely analytical standpoint: The government does not want to fund terrorism. Of course, on an emotional level, most people would certainly be willing to do anything,…

Derek Seehausen

Help find Derek Seehausen

Last week we were retained by the family of Derek Seehausen. Derek disappeared on or about August 5, 2014. Derek is a senior medical student at the University of Southern California. The family contacted the law enforcement community and their response was, quite frankly, very impressive. Interviews were conducted, homes were searched and bloodhounds were…

Investigating missing persons in Mexico

Investigating missing persons in Mexico

We are often called upon to investigate missing persons in Mexico. When you think about taking a vacation to Mexico, you probably imagine beautiful views, some tropical drinks and a lot of time relaxing. Unfortunately for many, the truth is that a trip south of the border is anything but enjoyable. A surprising amount of tourists go missing in Mexico every year and you should seek professional help immediately if you suspect a loved one has suffered the same fate.

Finding deadbeat dads

Finding deadbeat dads

One of the most common requests to come into our offices is to find people who purposefully go missing. Many women are trying to find the father of their children, who skipped out and who does not want to pay child support, and we’re here to help.

In those cases, we will find out where the deadbeat dad works. Once locating the company, the authorities can take money from his wages to pay for the support. In addition to helping women collect the child support they need to care for their children, we can help women looking for alimony payments they were promised as well.

The Case of the Man Missing Medication in Mexico. Video. Martin Investigative Services. (800) 577-1080

The Case of the Man Missing Medication in Mexico: Private investigation in Mexico

When a family’s 22 year-old son went off his meds, travelled to Mexico City and fell off the radar, the family decided they needed to hire a private investigative agency that had experience with private investigation in Mexico. By utilizing our contacts in the area and sending an investigator familiar with the area, we were…