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Our Top Pick For Public Speaking & Media Training

Our executive clients sometimes inquire if we know of anyone who can assist them with public speaking and/or training for TV, radio and print interviews. These clients range from Fortune 100 clients, business executives, government, non-profits, sport figures, entertainment industry, attorneys, social media personalities and entrepreneurs.  Most have no formal training – and it shows.

A Practical, Straightforward Approach to Internet Marketing

A Practical, Straight-Forward (& Free) Approach to Internet Marketing

This summer I’ve had a few calls from people who have felt they’ve been scammed by “quick and easy” Internet marketing companies and their lofty promises.

Instead of taking these cases and then trying to retrieve any investments, I’d rather see these people invest money in something that works, instead of spending their money to recoup other, previously-wasted money.

What follows is the entire, straightforward approach to marketing from my new book, Seeing Life Through Private Eyes.