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The Orange County Register

Orange County Register: Torn Apart: Tom Martin

If we lost our innocence on a Dallas street corner in 1963, our invincibility in the jungles of Vietnam, did we lose our sense of security in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building on April 19? The bombing in Oklahoma City focused our attention on our own safety, in a county where a talk show host can exhort listeners to shoot for a Federal agent’s head.

The Orange County Register

Orange County Register: Watchful Eye

Now retired as a Drug Enforcement agent, private investigator Thomas Martin chases down ex-husbands, finds telephone bugs and helps overturn convictions of what turned out to be innocent victims.

Martin, owner of Martin Investigative Services of Orange, was the first Federal drug enforcement agent to receive 100 percent pure heroin during a sting operation. The 4 year-old son of a Mexican Mafia member delivered the drugs.

The Orange County Register

Orange County Register: Up Close: Thomas G. Martin

A private investigator highly regarded and widely used by attorneys and other clients in Orange County and nationwide, Thomas G. Martin recently appeared on “A Current Affair” and has appeared on other television programs. Martin and his team of investigators sleuth a wide variety of cases, including civil and criminal, background check, surveillance, and missing persons. Before founding Martin Investigative Services in Tustin in 1981, he was a Federal narcotics agent.