Thomas G. Martin is interviewed in this article for Wired

Wired: Martin featured in smartphone article

Thomas G. Martin was recently featured in this article from Wired / Backchannel about smartphones, privacy and data collection. With just a smartphone number, Martin says, investigators and information brokers have a window into “private information that is stored by almost all business corporations, financial institutions and – thanks to us – social media networks… It is like looking into your living room of life.”

Thomas G. Martin is interviewed in this article for USA Today

USA Today: With my cell-phone number, a private eye found 150 pages on me

I gave my cell number to private investigator Thomas Martin, a former federal agent and now president of Martin Investigative Services in Newport Beach, Calif., and asked him to do his thing. A few days later a three-pound, 150-plus-page dossier arrived at my front door via FedEx. Martin didn’t trust regular mail given the nature of what it contained, which was tons of my private information.

“We didn’t even scratch the surface,” Martin told me later. He also made a point of telling me that I was “cleaner than a Safeway chicken.”