A Google Image search showing many of the fake invoices for web hosting that are being mailed out.

The Web Hosting Invoice Scam

There’s a postal mail scam going around whereby a company is sending out fake invoices for web hosting. It’s similar to the fake domain renewal notice scam that goes around.

This scam has been going on for some time. The company names and addresses have varied and changed over time, but names they use (and have used) include: Web Host Agents, Certified Web, Main Street Web Pros, Sunshine Biz Services and more.

A Practical, Straightforward Approach to Internet Marketing

A Practical, Straight-Forward (& Free) Approach to Internet Marketing

This summer I’ve had a few calls from people who have felt they’ve been scammed by “quick and easy” Internet marketing companies and their lofty promises.

Instead of taking these cases and then trying to retrieve any investments, I’d rather see these people invest money in something that works, instead of spending their money to recoup other, previously-wasted money.

What follows is the entire, straightforward approach to marketing from my new book, Seeing Life Through Private Eyes.