Valentine's Day: Avoid long-distance online relationships

Valentine’s Day: Avoid long-distance relationships online

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to discuss a common phenomenon in the online dating world – the long-distance love con. While both men and women fall for romantic scams, my client base is 80% female. I will direct this post to the ladies.

There is not a day that goes by in my office without a phone call from a female having an issue related to an Internet dating site. (We actually get about ten of these calls per week.) The purpose of these calls is that the woman wants us to verify whether a man she has been corresponding with is actually who his profile says he is.

Scam: The handwritten real estate investor trainee signs

Scam: The handwritten real estate investor trainee signs

Have you ever a sign like the one above while you are out driving? Ever wonder what the deal is with them? Recently, I’ve received a couple requests to write about this scam, so here’s the deal.

Nearly always handwritten on cheap plastic posterboard and zip-tied to signs and posts, these signs are found nationwide, utilizing different phone numbers.

To me it’s intuitively ridiculous. Why / how / would / could anyone even consider an “opportunity” like this, given the poor level of presentation?

The National Lottery Scam

The National Lottery scam

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Nigerian letter, a common example of the 419 or advanced-fee fraud.

As of late, advance-fee frauds have had somewhat of a resurgence. Last week I was contacted about one such scam, purported as “The National Lottery”.

This scam is gaining some serious momentum. Word is that people are positively responding in record numbers. It won’t be long until other scammers join the fray.