Wired's Technique Critique & Tradecraft Videos Are Really, Really Good

Wired’s Technique Critique & Tradecraft Videos Are Really, Really Good

A few weeks ago, I was sent a couple videos from Wired’s YouTube Channel that I really enjoyed, and I wanted to share them here.

In the first series of videos, Technique Critique, experts from various professional disciplines break down Hollywood movies and TV shows, and explain what they got right and wrong.

I was so impressed with this series, I reached out to Wired and volunteered to do one on private investigation should they do a second season.

Thoughts on 'Hannibal', Hollywood investigations, serial killers & intuition

Thoughts on Hollywood investigations, serial killers, intuition & ‘Hannibal’

As a professional private investigator and a former Federal agent, it can be very hard for me to watch television. With rare exception, nearly every Hollywood depiction of private investigation and criminal investigation consistently gets it wrong.  (I’ve written a few posts about the Hollywood vs. reality aspect of private investigation: here, here and here.)…

The Martin PI TV show that never was, plus a review of “Cry Wolfe”

I’ve taken part in more than a few television shows as an interview subject. In recent years, I was approached by two of the major studios, as they wanted me to help create and star in a reality-based television show about private investigators. I have ended up turning down many interviews and all of the reality shows – because I insisted upon keeping the reality aspect intact.

Here’s how these things typically go.