Finding deadbeat dads

Finding deadbeat dads

One of the most common requests to come into our offices is to find people who purposefully go missing. Many women are trying to find the father of their children, who skipped out and who does not want to pay child support, and we’re here to help.

In those cases, we will find out where the deadbeat dad works. Once locating the company, the authorities can take money from his wages to pay for the support. In addition to helping women collect the child support they need to care for their children, we can help women looking for alimony payments they were promised as well.

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The Case of the Hollywood Celebrity Divorce Bugs

In the case of a celebrity divorce, when two famous and powerful people in Hollywood go to war in court, each side has the money to hire multiple attorneys, private investigators, forensic accountants, and other experts. A few years ago, Martin Investigative Services was retained by a celebrity in this situation. When our client disregarded…