Woman found after being held captive for 2 months

Woman found after being held captive for 2 months

Truth is almost always stranger (and scarier) than fiction. That’s certainly the situation with the news coming out of Evansville, Indiana, where a woman was found after being missing for 2 months and being held captive in a wooden cage. Fortunately, this story has a positive ending. This post discusses details of the Evansville case…

Con-artists and scams

Magic, con-artists & scams: How the old becomes new again

As you get older, you realize that in any profession, career or skill, there are about 50 common formulas or rules that get used over and over again – often in very creative ways.

Some of the most popular cons out there right now are simply variants on classic cons that have been around for many years. This post takes a look at some of these cons, and how to avoid getting taken by them.

Private investigation and hiring a PI

James Foley, Crystal Morrison Prentice & hiring PI’s

The United States government has a longstanding policy against paying ransom demands to terrorist organizations. While this is a hot topic as of late, it is understandable from a purely analytical standpoint: The government does not want to fund terrorism. Of course, on an emotional level, most people would certainly be willing to do anything,…