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Cheap private investigator near me

Cheap private investigator near me

Are you looking for a cheap private investigator? If so, there are a few things to consider before choosing based on cost alone. Note: When you go buy cost only, you can be swindled. You see, there are websites out there that suggest they can complete an investigation for you at prices way below “typical” costs. Why can they offer such a cheap price? Because they are not 1.) licensed and 2.) Experienced and 3.) They are not who they say they are.. they are an imposter who will use what you give them against you.

MartinPI Bug Sweep Team comprises former Federal Agents of the FBI, DEA, IRS, or Secret Service with years of counter-surveillance experience. We use the most current state-of-the-art equipment operated by professionally trained private investigator technicians.


Residential Bug Sweeps

Residential Bug Sweeps

How to find hidden cameras

Conducting Physical and electronic eavesdropping sweeps for apartments, homes, condos, hotel rooms, Airbnb hidden cameras, and dorm rooms.

Please note: There are active and passive eavesdropping devices, and we detect both. There are many instance where pinhole cameras are utlized so only top-of-the-line equipment is needed to detect certain types of electronic bugs.


Residential Bug Sweep Detection

Here at Martin Investigative Services, our bug sweeps detect wireless bugs, carrier current bugs, audio and optical bugging devices and various other cellular eavesdropping devices.

We also capture micro wireless video devices, laser and infrared eavesdropping devices and other spyware and malware.

Business Bug Sweeps
Business Bug Sweeps

Conducting Physical and electronic eavesdropping sweeps for corporate offices, executive offices, conference rooms bug sweeps, restrooms, conference rooms and various other areas.

Electronic Office Equipment

We review “anything” electronic that may be hiding electronic bugs such as clocks, smoke detectors, fax machines, pens, paintings, business phone lines and anything connected to your WIFI network.

You see, if you have business ideas seeming to be known by competitors, i.e., price points changes, etc., there may be a audio bug listening in to your company meetings. 

Vehicle Bug Sweeps
Vehicle Bug Sweeps

How to tell if your car is bugged

Conducting physical and electronic eavesdroping sweeps for all types of vehicles, for example, trucks, cars, delivery trucks, etc.

Other types of search include aircrafts, Yachts, boats, school buses.

GPS Bug Sweep Service

Vehicle Sweeps

Is your vehicle being tracked? It is easy to set up GPS trackers. GPS trackers are inexpensive and can be rented. You may not be able to see them, but they could be hidden. The tracking of vehicles can provide a wealth of information for spying. They can tell spies where you are and when you’re going. Your schedule, favorite places, and even covert meetings can all be viewed.

Private Investigation Services

Here at Martin Investigative Services, our team of private investigators is former Federal agents with the FBI, DEA, IRS, or Secret Service.

Private Investigator with over 50 years of experience, Thomas G. Martin and his team of former Federal agents have a proven track record of delivering results to our clients. Martin Investigative Services has been featured in both National and Local publications from the Los Angeles Times to the Wall Street Journal.

With that said, we offer a free consultation to ensure no one gets taken! Call us at 1-800-577-1080 to go over your legal rights.


When determining how much a private investigator costs, there are a few other essentials you will also want to consider.

But to briefly go over costs, a low-end range of general investigative services may be $100 up to $200 per hour. Your hourly rate could rise to more than $500 if the investigation involves specialized expertise or other experts.


Yes, it is legal to hire a private investigator. A private investigator can be hired to collect evidence, testify for you, or serve subpoenas on parties who are trying to evade you. To work as a private investigator in California, you will need a license.

Martin Investigative Services is second-to-none and has over 22 former federal agents of the DEA, FBI, IRS, and Secret Service.

How do I hire a private investigator?

The best way to hire a private investigator is by referral. Has a trusted friend hired an investigator for their services recently? Were they happy with the results? If not, you’ll have to prepare a list of prospective PIs. These sources are good starting points:

  • The duty agency of your local FBI;
  • A clerk at your county’s police department;
  • The watch commander of the sheriff’s department;
  • Investigators working at the District Attorney’s office;
  • Criminal defense lawyers;
  • Your state’s association of private investigators. But this suggestion comes with a qualifier: state associations tend to recommend only members; PIs aren’t obligated to belong to these associations and many of the good ones don’t.

“Are you prepared for the truth the Private investigator might uncover in his investigations, the bad as well as the good news? Are you ready to follow through with the next step?”

We can identify hidden bugs with a 100% Guarantee.

Start right now and protect your privacy rights and let us help you find the bug and perpetrator!

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