I had been estranged from my father for more than 16 years. My profession has me quite adept at conducting Internet searches, and I have access to some higher order people-tracking capabilities. But when it came to my Dad, all that brought nothing but false leads and dead ends.

My Dad is 87 years old now. For years I was sure he was probably dead. Yet I could never find his death certificate anywhere. And his older brother was still alive. So I always had that small spark of hope.

As a last gasp, I contacted Martin Investigative Services. Tom Martin assured me his databases were far more sophisticated than anything I had ever tried. I was skeptical to say the least. But since the search he suggested was surprisingly affordable, I gave it a try.

Within a DAY, he had found my Dad. A few hours before writing this review, I spoke on the phone with my 87-year-old father for 45 minutes, our first conversation in a decade and a half. He is doing remarkably well, and was very happy to hear from me. I can’t tell you what a load off my mind this is, eliminating that uncertainty. Thank you Martin Investigative Services. You are literally the answer to my prayers.

W. R. R.

Everything went FANTASTIC. Better than I could have ever imagined! I truly believe that having Tom handle this situation made all the difference in the world. His professionalism, knowledge and relatable warm personality made an impossible situation, possible. I highly recommend his services. Prompt, fair, trustworthy and kind. Thank you, Tom for helping me connect with my father after 35 years!

Dawn M.

Tom Martin Investigative Services came recommended by a friend who experienced a sensitive, high profile divorce here in Orange County, Ca. The expertise and intuitive nature of Tom and his team has been invaluable in assisting me, from installing a new home security system to legal team recommendations. Tom’s wisdom and experience in the field has been most helpful in navigating the treacherous waters of divorce, especially in the hotbed of OC. Working with him is a true pleasure and has enabled me to feel safe, secure and well connected to the top legal resources in the country.

C. Carpenter

Martin Investigative Services is a top notch company. I called them on a Saturday night, and received a return call within 12 hours on Sunday morning. They were able to move on my request within 2 hours of the phone call and gather information as needed. Thomas Martin, never made it about the money, he actually went out of his way to try to save me money versus spend extra like most people. 5 stars to these guys, Trustworthy, Honest and not into raking up the hours for their benefit but doing what’s right for their customer/clients first.

Floyd Plymale

Wow! What great service! I requested the information I needed to find a family member that I had never met. I have been looking for this person for over a year.

Within 1 hour all the contact info was e-mailed to me about this family member. I waited until the next day to try to contact them. The first phone number I called the person I was looking for answered my call! The first thing the family member said was how did you get this number? I had tried all those online services that claim they have special information but all I ever got were more old number and dead ends. What I needed was the personal service of Martin Investigations. I talked with him on his personal cell phone and he was ready to answer my questions. I was able to have dinner with this family member that night and they brought family photos of my biological Father whom I had never met that had since passed away. I am in the process of building a relationship with this family member that I had never met and I am confident I have made a new friend!

Thanks Thomas Martin!

Rick Cole

I truly cannot thank Tom Martin from Martin Investigative Services enough! I have been searching for over ten YEARS for my biological paternal grandfather and kept coming up short because A.) he was a drifter before the age of social media and B.) both my father and grandmother had passed and took all knowledge of his existence with them to the grave. I had no knowledge of his real name, birth date, address, et cetera.

I finally had enough and scheduled a meeting with Tom Martin. I told him how desperate I was to find my grandfather and gave him what very little information I had. Martin Investigative Services found my grandfather within HOURS of our meeting. It turns out my grandfather also lives in California and I was able to meet him two days later. Not only did he have my grandfather’s address, but he had spoken with his sister and his mother. It turns out I had a great-grandmother and great-aunt that were excited to speak to me!

The resemblance between him, my father and myself is uncanny. If not for Tom and his team, I would never had been able to fill the hole in my heart and finally solve the mystery my father was never able to in life. They provided my with family I never knew I had and I’ve finally (!) been able to fill my family tree. Thank you, thank you, thank you M.I.S.!

Sarah Slaughter

When I found out I had been scammed out of a good chunk of money I immediately took to the web in search for a private investigator to assist me with my case.

After calling 5 agencies I came across Martin Investigative Services. When I called I spoke with help representative that was more interested in helping me solve my problems then up selling me on how amazing he is at his job. Actually is what the opposite. He told me that I was probably not a good fit for them based on the info I was sharing, but he said you know what let me run this past a few of the guys in the office and let me see what we can do.

A few hours later I received a call from the owner Thomas Martin. He told me that he was going to try and help me out if he could. We both knew it was a long shot, but it was worth taking the chance.

Several hours later I received a call from Thomas notifying me that they had found the individual I was looking for. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to get the news. I know they worked extra hard on my case and probably did way more work than what they charged me. But I asked Thomas if I could write a review for him and his company.

They are just great people and I wish everyone I did business with ran their company like Thomas runs his.

Keep up the great work guys.

Adam A.