I had been estranged from my father for more than 16 years. My profession has me quite adept at conducting Internet searches, and I have access to some higher order people-tracking capabilities. But when it came to my Dad, all that brought nothing but false leads and dead ends.

My Dad is 87 years old now. For years I was sure he was probably dead. Yet I could never find his death certificate anywhere. And his older brother was still alive. So I always had that small spark of hope.

As a last gasp, I contacted Martin Investigative Services. Tom Martin assured me his databases were far more sophisticated than anything I had ever tried. I was skeptical to say the least. But since the search he suggested was surprisingly affordable, I gave it a try.

Within a DAY, he had found my Dad. A few hours before writing this review, I spoke on the phone with my 87-year-old father for 45 minutes, our first conversation in a decade and a half. He is doing remarkably well, and was very happy to hear from me. I can’t tell you what a load off my mind this is, eliminating that uncertainty. Thank you Martin Investigative Services. You are literally the answer to my prayers.

W. R. R.

Everything went FANTASTIC. Better than I could have ever imagined! I truly believe that having Tom handle this situation made all the difference in the world. His professionalism, knowledge and relatable warm personality made an impossible situation, possible. I highly recommend his services. Prompt, fair, trustworthy and kind. Thank you, Tom for helping me connect with my father after 35 years!

Dawn M.

Tom Martin has provided the best service and results for our firm and my clients for the last 7 years. I have hired Martin investigation services for very small and simple matters to extremely complex cases. In every circumstance, he got right to the point of the problem, solved without wasting our time or money. Was priceless in every matter I gave him.

Ted V.

I called Martin Investigative Services… I have to say he was very nice and helpful and gave me a lot of information. Thank you for your help, advise and free consultation.

Jessie S.

Tom is not only extremely thorough and knowledgeable, he does so with a great deal of integrity.

Tom is the man to call when you need someone you can rely on and trust implicitly.

Mark Pearson

My siblings and I were separated from our father since 1980 during a bitter divorce. We have been searching for him on and off for years to no avail. Martin Investigative Services opened this door for us to finally be reunited with our father. The last time I was with him and reunion photos are attached! A++++++

Garrett Peck

Martin Investigative Services provided me with excellent service! I wish I could give them 10 stars! The team is professional and provided me with accurate information in less that 3 hours. I have tried other “investigators” without success. I will only use Martin from now on.

Hollee Puryear

I used Mr. Martin to assist with the investigation of a residential burglary. He was prompt, courteous and professional. He offered a consultation at no cost which was quite helpful. I highly recommend Martin Investigative Services.

William Stetson

Tom Martin Investigative Services came recommended by a friend who experienced a sensitive, high profile divorce here in Orange County, Ca. The expertise and intuitive nature of Tom and his team has been invaluable in assisting me, from installing a new home security system to legal team recommendations. Tom’s wisdom and experience in the field has been most helpful in navigating the treacherous waters of divorce, especially in the hotbed of OC. Working with him is a true pleasure and has enabled me to feel safe, secure and well connected to the top legal resources in the country.

C. Carpenter

Martin Investigations provides superior service for private sensitive matters with the upmost discretion and professionalism. I have personally used their services and have referred them to colleagues and clients without hesitation. Anyone in need of Investigative services would benefit from a consultation from Martin Investigations.

Rick L.