Workers compensation surveillance

Workers compensation surveillance

Workplace injuries typically qualify for benefits under a worker’s compensation policy maintained by the company. If you didn’t sustain the injury, employers or insurers might contest workers’ compensation claims because, on the job, the worker isn’t eligible for benefits due to extenuating circumstances (such as being intoxicated) or the claimed injury is exaggerated.

An employer might try to deny a workers’ compensation claim with footage from a camera installed in or outside the workplace. The customers then frequently inquire whether they should go out and collect their security video evidence to support their cases.

If you or a loved one has a workers’ compensation claim, it’s best to speak with a devoted private investigator.

Workers compensation surveillance

What is a Workers’ Compensation Investigation?

In this situation, employers may conduct surveillance to gather evidence against your workers’ compensation claim. Their first step will be to review the company’s surveillance footage. They may use a private detective to verify their suspicions that your injuries were minor.

Is it Legal for a Private Investigator to Follow Me?

In many nations, private detectives can legally tail a suspect without breaking the law, provided they refrain from criminal behavior like trespassing, illegal monitoring, or harassment.

What Kinds of Surveillance Do Private Investigators Use in Workers’ Comp Cases?

There are a few potential places to get video surveillance, and their worth varies. Workplace surveillance film could be relevant in a workers’ compensation claim.

  • Closed-circuit video surveillance is used by many businesses these days to either prevent theft or keep employees safe. These cameras can record accidents in the workplace.
  • Phones with built-in cameras. There may be eyewitness accounts of a workplace incident or its aftermath from employees, managers, coworkers, and even customers.
  • Hidden cameras for private eyes. Employers or insurers may hire private investigators to track an injured employee to verify the degree of their injury. To disprove a worker’s claim of injury, the insurance company might spy on them to see if they’re up to their usual activities, including playing sports.

What Techniques are used to Determine Workers’ Compensation Fraud?

Workers’ compensation fraud investigators can learn more about the probability and scope of fraud by speaking with the claimant’s loved ones and coworkers.

Background checks and Records Research

Employer and medical records and other relevant documents may be reviewed during Workers’ Compensation fraud investigations. You could consider whether or not this employee has previously filed for any other kind of compensation.


Researchers also use audio, visual, and other surveillance forms to verify the claimed injury’s authenticity.

Collection of Supporting Information

If private investigators uncover workers’ compensation insurance fraud, they can gather evidence. Organizations and companies can use these methods to reduce fraudulent Workers’ Compensation claims and bring those responsible to justice.

What a Workers’ Comp Private Investigator Can and Cannot Do

The investigators who look into claims of workers’ compensation must adhere to specific guidelines. Private investigators who want to stay on the right side of the law must follow specific guidelines when conducting surveillance. Places of worship can fall within this category.

  • Keeping an eye on someone’s whereabouts in public without invading their privacy.
  • Long-term monitoring of an individual’s public actions.
  • Talking to the claimant’s loved ones, coworkers, or anyone familiar with his daily routine (such as fixing his car or playing tennis for hours) can shed light on the claimant’s activities.

When private investigators do the following, regardless of whether the property is occupied at the time, it’s illegal:

  • Enter the property
  • Take video or photographs through openings or windows into the claimant’s private property (like the claimant’s garden area or residence)
  • Install audio or visual surveillance devices on private property to gather data and photographs or monitor your online activity and gadgets.

When you stroll in front of your living room window with the curtains drawn and the street outside can see you, it’s hard to claim that you have a right to privacy.

Can workers comp tap your phone?

Your insurance company’s investigator is not allowed to tap your phone anytime. Many insurance companies routinely record interviews with policyholders, although this is different from tapping a phone.

Workers’ comp tactics

Insurance investigators cannot conduct illegal surveillance when looking into a worker’s compensation claim. Absconding on personal property, tapping a phone system, hacking into a telephone or computer, tracing a vehicle, and similar unlawful activities are strictly prohibited.

There are ways for investigators to follow up on a worker who has been harmed on the job. Workers’ compensation investigators may follow you outside of your house. Throughout the day, they may even shadow you. Here are some of the most frequent techniques that investigators will use to learn more about you:

Online Surveillance

Investigators now have more tools to keep tabs on your online movements thanks to advances in surveillance technology. They can check your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok accounts, among others, for any posts that might contradict the official story about your injuries. For instance, putting up a video of yourself rowing a boat can look bad if you’ve already claimed that you harmed your back in an accident. Avoid posting on social media while you have an open workers’ comp claim.

Video Surveillance

Investigators could use video surveillance to record any dramatic or overreacting physical behavior. Workers’ compensation investigators are not on the regular 9-to-5 schedule. Instead, they’ll sneak up on you at inopportune times to conduct surveillance. They may show up when you least expect it, like at night or on the weekend, and they will only go once they’ve found something to apply against you.

Direct contact

It is acceptable for investigators to question you concerning your wounds. Your statements can be used against you in your hearing even if they don’t reveal that they operate for your workers’ comp insurance company. As a result, you must watch your words and choose your audience wisely while discussing your assertion. You should avoid discussing the claim with a suspicious investigator who seems to be a friend. So, unless your lawyer is present, you shouldn’t discuss your injuries or claim with anyone.

Always assume that someone is watching your every move in a public setting. These expert investigators may chat with you anywhere, including the supermarket. Just one offhand remark could give the insurance company the justification they need to reject your claim.

Workers compensation Cost

Since each state governs workers’ compensation insurance differently, premiums will vary widely depending on where your staff is located. Workers’ compensation premiums are more expensive for businesses with more workers and larger risks because of the increasing prevalence of workplace injuries. In 2021, new Progressive customers paid an average of $65 per month for employees’ comp insurance. The typical cost was $111 monthly. These figures show that the median premium was artificially inflated by a small number of very high payments.

Workers’ comp insurance is governed by the state and has a different formula than other types of insurance; thus, premiums can vary widely from company to company. Depending on factors including your industry, company size, claims history, and region, your premium could be more or less than the national average.

Why hire a private investigator for a worker compensation defense investigation?

Many businesses turn to private detectives to ensure that only deserving employees receive workers’ comp benefits. Insurance providers frequently use private investigators due to workers’ compensation fraud concerns.

They carry out surveillance.

Surveillance is another service offered by private investigators, and it may be precious in many cases, such as verifying the integrity of workers’ compensation claims. Surveillance can be beneficial when it is challenging to uncover the truth.

Gathers Information

A private investigator can significantly enhance the effectiveness of gathering information with the proper training. It may be data about a new hire, an investment opportunity, or a potential company partner.

They don’t install electronic listening devices.

It is against the law for legitimate private investigators to use or install any electronic listening device. However, PI can plant electronic listening devices in your house or place of work; thus, many PIs offer services to check for and remove such devices.

Private investigators often assist law enforcement agencies in keeping the public safe. Tasks in this category can range from simple observation to the delivery of subpoenas and even the digging up of long-forgotten murders.

You may find yourself in need of a private investigator’s help at some point in your life.

Our Goal

Awareness of the nature of workers’ compensation investigations is only half the battle. Filing workers’ compensation claims is a complex and time-consuming process. When someone has been gravely hurt and is now dealing with medical bills and lost wages, they are more likely to file a claim.

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