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Missing persons Private investigator

How to Find Missing Persons

Are you having trouble contacting a spouse, parent, friend, or child?

These are the ones to look for.

Missing person cases include searching for lost children, elder children, adopted biological parents, long-lost loved ones, and coworkers. The separation of family and friends can leave you feeling anxious or unresolved. This could be due to death, war, divorce, marriage, promotion, travel, illness, and other circumstances. Many questions remain unanswered that can last months or even years. 

  • My best friend from school has disappeared. 
  • Is anyone aware of where she went after the death of her husband? 
  • Is he still with the military? 
  • Are they aware that I have AIDS?

You’ve decided to find someone special, regardless of whether the reason is personal, financial, or medical. It was hard to believe, but it’s now even more difficult. We are here to help. A search of “PI Near Me” will show Martin Investigative services on the top! After 40 years we have worked in every state and multiple other counties.

We offer a free consultation. No risk. Our friendly staff can help with your issue or point you in the right direction. The consult is free and confidential.  Ready?  Call (800) 577-1080.  We look forward to helping you!

Who is the beneficiary of a search?


Joanne was just a teenager, pregnant, and not involved with the baby’s father. He was a married man who was unwilling or unable to help her. Joanne was raised in a strict Catholic family and didn’t consider abortion an option. However, she knew that she wasn’t capable of being a mother. Joanne decided to give up her little girl, her days-old, for adoption with the support of her church. The baby was named Erika by the adoptive couple. Erika was old enough for them to tell her about how they got her into their family. Erika was happy in her life and felt loved. She wondered what she could have done differently. She wondered about her biological parents, what they looked like and where they came from. And why she was given up. Erika was a mother over the years and her curiosity about her family’s history grew. Was she going to be able to pass on any information about her family’s past? Did she need to know anything about her birth parents’ medical history? Are they still around?

She also has questions about her birth mother. Joanne had always hoped that her daughter would be happy throughout her life. Now she wants to find out for sure. She wants to be reassured that she made the right choice. To be able to express her true feelings, she needs to forgive herself and seek understanding. Joanne and Erika would both find comfort in learning more.

Family reunions

Marshall was born to divorced parents. While his father had custody of Rick, his older brother and he lived with his mother. Marshall lost contact with his brother and father after Marshall’s mother divorced. Marshall doesn’t want to let it go that way. He is determined to find them and reconnect with his dad and big brother.

We love the idea of reuniting old friends.

Reunited Friendships

Although it’s been many years since high school, Sacha still thinks of Lindsey, her best friend. These thoughts are pleasant, because they were once close friends. They went to football games and parties, smoked their first cigarettes behind the Roller Rink, and even failed Algebra. After their senior year, they lost touch. Sacha did not attend the five- and ten-year reunions. She doesn’t know if Lindsey has changed her name, married, or moved. Is it futile to try and find Lindsey? No.

Fractured friendships

Frank’s girlfriend left Frank for Greg, his best friend. Frank and Greg have not spoken to one another in five years. Frank would like to have a conversation with Greg again to express his shock at Greg’s treachery. It’s time to call it closure. It is possible to resolve friendships that have ended abruptly or prematurely.

We offer a free consultation. No risk. Our friendly staff can help with your issue or point you in the right direction. The consult is free and confidential.  Ready?  Call (800) 577-1080.  We look forward to helping you!

Financial Responsibility

Heidi and her children have been in financial trouble since Heidi’s ex-husband remarried and she moved to another state. For several months, her mailbox has not received child support or spousal support payments. Before legal papers are served, he must be located.

Moral Responsibility

You should notify your past partners if you are diagnosed with a contagious illness, such as HIV or herpes. Although it is a good decision, following up can be challenging as couples sometimes don’t keep in touch after a breakup. It can be challenging to find a former partner, but it is possible.

We offer a free consultation. No risk. Our friendly staff can help with your issue or point you in the right direction. The consult is free and confidential.  Ready?  Call (800) 577-1080.  We look forward to helping you!

How do I find someone?

How do you start? It all depends on what information you have and what you need. If you know the person’s name and are only looking for their current address or phone number, it will take less time. For someone searching for an adopted child or birth parents, names may not be known. These cases will make your search more difficult. You should contact anyone you believe may have the correct information, such as a relative, former neighbor or clergyman, lawyer, or caseworker. These easily accessible resources can be used once you have a name.

Search Engines

Basic web searches can help you find the address and phone number of the missing person. The four most popular search engines are Google and YahooBing and Ask are the top 4. Different search engines can give you different results since they have different data sets and methods of returning results. Remember to include your search phrase in quotation marks when performing searches (e.g., “Thomas martin” to increase the relevancy of your search results.

Zabasearch is a useful search engine that can help you find people. This website searches for and lists various types of information about United States citizens. It includes addresses (both past and present), phone numbers, birth dates, and many other details. While privacy concerns around Zabasearch may be controversial, the site works. is another search engine that can be very useful for people looking. It’s an online directory that lists the addresses and telephone numbers of over 106 million Americans.

Social Networking Websites

Most people below the age of 30 have a profile on some social networking site. Popular social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn offer search capabilities for their pages by name and zip code. However, registration is required. You might still find helpful older social media channels, such as MySpace.

You can search on various social networking sites using the list maintained by Wikipedia.

Other web sites

“Public servants at the state, county and federal levels can provide you with lists containing public records.”

You may also find assistance from other sites. Below are brief descriptions of some addresses and the information they provide:

  • The Ultimates is an invaluable site that helps with approximately 85% of our search queries. This site allows you to search multiple people-search sources in one place.
  • Welfare/Whereabouts Service Abroad is a service offered by the Department of State, U.S. consulates and embassies to assist in locating U.S. citizens abroad when there are urgent questions or concerns regarding their welfare.
  • World Wide Internet Directory is a directory that lists people searching for services around the world.
  • The Federal Parent Locator Service section of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement’s website lists information, systems, and agencies that can be used to locate parents in child support cases.
  • Social Security Death Index
  • RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative – Tracks Surnames.
  • The U.S. GenWeb Project is a volunteer effort that provides advice on how to locate basic genealogical information such as cemeteries, courts, land, and property records, as well as churches and cemeteries. Each state has a Web page listing the phone numbers for local genealogical societies, libraries, and archives.
  • National Archives Posts information about its records and how you can access them.
  • Millions of vital records for genealogy, legal, and family history research.


True-life story

The following letter arrived at my office on February 4, 1997.

John Hinto, my high school sweetheart from Burbank, California, is the person I’m trying to find. We met in our sophomore year at high school. After that, we dated for over a year. Because of our religious differences, our parents decided it wasn’t in our best interest to continue seeing one another. John is Jewish, and I am Catholic.

John and I were married in 1960 after we graduated. In 1980, at our 20th high school reunion, I learned that John had married a Catholic girl and lived in Santa Rosa. He was also a police officer. John’s father died, and his mother remarried, and he moved to Ohio. John also divorced and moved to Ohio to become a stockbroker. John had a younger brother named Tom. His father was Ralph. I can still remember the name of his mom. His father owned a deli and was an investor with mutual funds. John is related to Terry Miles (maiden names), who graduated from our high school.

Over the years, John has been a constant reminder to me, and I often wonder how our lives would have changed if we had not made our own decisions. I would love to speak with him and find out how he is doing. As you might have guessed, I am currently single.

Please contact me if you have any leads or information.

We searched immediately on our computer system in-house for John Hinto. Based on the name, there were 70 possible matches. We used his 1960 graduation date as the first clue to find Mr. Hinto who was living in Northern California. One of our investigators personally reached out to Mr. Hinto and he was very excited to meet our client. On Valentine’s Day 1997, Mr. Hinto flew to Southern California to meet our client. So far, so good.

We offer a free consultation. No risk. Our friendly staff can help with your issue or point you in the right direction. The consult is free and confidential.  Ready?  Call (800) 577-1080.  We look forward to helping you!

Directory Assistance

This is a common source, even though it sounds obvious. Call (area code) 5555-1212 to find out the location where the person lived last. Many people walk into our offices carrying their wallets full of money, eager to spend hundreds of bucks to find someone in the White Pages.


That familiar building at the corner is right. The library reference section stocks directories that include phone numbers and addresses. You can search for the address using either published indexes or online services. There are many Yellow Pages that cover the United States. Many libraries have extensive collections. These can be used to help you locate a private investigator or public records agency to continue your search (see Chap Sixteen for guidelines about hiring private Investigator).

Public Records

There may be information you have that could indirectly link you to publicly recorded events, such as marriage, birth, or death. You may also know of another legal proceeding that occurred that could contain valuable information, such as the address or phone number of the attorney. Public servants at every level of government can help you find public records that might be useful in your search. These are the most reliable listings:

  • You can search for derogatory financial records, including bankruptcy information, notices of default, Judgment index, and tax lien information (claims on property that are used to secure a loan). They will contain all such filings, including names and addresses. You may also find a Social Security number.
  • Fictitious Business Name Index – Lists the names and addresses of business owners who are “Doing Businesses As” a company’s name.
  • Misdemeanor Criminal Record: Lists names and addresses of those charged with misdemeanors.
  • Real Estate and Tax Information: Listings of property owned by individuals or businesses.
  • Register Voter Information: This list contains the names and addresses of registered voters. The information contained in records and other documents will differ from one state to another. Sometimes, the records may also include a telephone number, Social Security Number, and a date of birth. This information is not available to the public in Arkansas and Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, and Maryland. Montana, New Hampshire. New Jersey. New York. Ohio. Oklahoma. Rhode Island. Texas.
  • Superior Court Civil Records: Files of civil cases, including divorce proceedings. Plaintiffs and defendants separate the records. It is easier to find plaintiffs’ names because there is typically only one plaintiff. However, there may be multiple defendants, and only the first name is alphabetically listed.
  • Superior Court Criminal Records: Lists the names of those charged with felonies.

Adoption cases often start with birth certificates.

We offer a free consultation. No risk. Our friendly staff can help with your issue or point you in the right direction. The consult is free and confidential.  Ready?  Call (800) 577-1080.  We look forward to helping you!

State Records

Every state has its licensing system for different occupations, professions, and trades. These include accountants, architects, and cosmetologists. Nurses, private investigators, psychologists, tax preparers, and private investigators. You may be able to find out information if you are aware that the person may hold a professional license for performing a service. You can also find information in state records:

  • Bankruptcy Records
  • Birth records
  • Corporate Records
  • Death Records
  • Divorce Files
  • Marriage licenses
  • Uniform Commercial Code Files: These are filed when one party (usually a business) secures collateral or assets.
  • Workers’ Compensation Records

Federal Records

It’s not the first option because it can be tedious. However, federal records can still be accessed via the Freedom of Information Act, or by directly writing to federal agencies. The service is free, although replies can take up to six months. Here are some examples of listings:

  • Federal Aviation Administration: Pilots’ licenses.
  • Interstate Commerce Commission Records
  • Military Records
  • U.S. Post Office: To get the addresses and names of business owners.
  • U.S. Tax Court: IRS filings

The Department of Motor Vehicles

They don’t tell you to smile and then take poor pictures for your driver’s licence. To find a home address, you may be able to contact the DMV to request a name search. This will expedite the process by providing the date and year of birth. Be aware that each state has its own public access regulations and rules. Some states will give address information, as well as a date of birth and a complete description, while other states won’t.

Dead Ends

You may want to hire a private investigator if your investigator work is stalled or you are running out of time. A private investigator’s database can help you save time and effort if you know the Social Security number of the person you are looking for or their last known address. An investigator can access the Main Name Index, a list of names in the United States. If the name is unusual, this can be used to quickly search. An investigator can also access the Address Update Index, which is the top half of a credit file. It’s easy if you have the Social Security number of the person. The investigator will call the Social Security Index ranges. You can pay $100 to $1000 for any of these services. This is a reasonable fee if the search company helps you find a loved one, alumnus or other relevant information.

The national company can be reached at 1-888-USUNITE. It has access to our private database, the largest in the world, and offers a quick, accurate, personalized search with guaranteed results. Our staff will give you the most up-to-date information about any individual.


The next step is to find your missing person. It is a good idea to get a professional, objective party involved if the situation is very delicate. The professional can help you explain your situation and offer to get in touch with you. Most people we have dealt with were surprised, anxious, and nervous. They were often more willing to meet the person they are looking for.

“Shoot to the moon. Even if it fails, you will land in the stars.” Les Brown

We offer a free consultation. No risk. Our friendly staff can help with your issue or point you in the right direction. The consult is free and confidential.  Ready?  Call (800) 577-1080.  We look forward to helping you!


Assets can be hidden in:

  • Offshore accounts
  • Stocks
  • Corporations that can’t be touched
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Mortgages
  • Bank accounts
  • Employers
  • Boats, cars, planes
  • Family gifts
  • Transferring assets to family
  • Gifts to friends
  • Hiding businesses under illegal names

private investigator missing persons

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I’ve represented individuals and businesses (international and local) for close to fifty years, and I’ve called on Martin Investigative Services more times than I can count, often on a rush basis, for help throughout the world, on a number of different types of assignments.  I’ve never been disappointed.  I’ve always received swift, cost-effective and USEFUL information, which has wound up “saving the bacon” of our clients and making us shine in their eyes.  I recommend them without any reservation.

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Successful people know that to be the best, you model the best. I cannot recommend Martin PI any higher! In a five-minute conversation with experienced people you can save thousands by bypassing sales types. They do this by cutting directly to the heart based on years and years of passionate pursuit of best practices and adding massive value to their clients. They are an invaluable part of my team and Tom is my most valued mentor!

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Martin Investigative Services has performed background checks, private investigation, surveillance and bug sweeps for our clients.  They have also served difficult process in lawsuits.  They have performed unquestionably and unfailingly to perfection.  We will always call Martin first – and hope he hasn’t been called yet by the other side!

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We have used Martin Investigative Services for three decades. Their work is exemplary; reports are perfect and their testimony is very professional, with great judge and jury appeal. We will not use anyone else for our investigations.

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It has been my pleasure to work with Martin Investigative Services over the past 30 plus years on many investigations as well as other security related matters.  When I need answers and I need them fast I know that a simple call will get me answers that are succinct, current and coming from a supremely knowledgeable source.

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