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Fifteen years ago, I wrote a book on being a private investigator called “If You Only Knew…” as a reference guide for people with questions about private investigation. This book contained my advice from over the years on how to feel safer, live smarter and succeed in relationships at home and at work. Writing the book was one of the hardest things I ever did.

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Investigator Confidential

At the time, the book made a splash when it was released, including a review by the Los Angeles Times. Years after its release, I still get inquiries from clients who have read the book. It’s become something of a touchstone for some people and an invaluable tool for others.

Although the book is still available through Amazon, I decided to make it available online a few years back as a free, online e-book at The website was designed like the book to provide people with a step-by-step guide for common private investigation questions.

I’ve included a few of the more popular chapters from the book for easy reference.

  • Attempting to locate a missing person? Check out Chapter 2 that contains tips on locating a lost parent, child, friend, or even a lost love.
  • If you have questions about the fidelity of your spouse, check out Chapter 3 that offers tips on how to find out if your partner is having an affair.
  • There are a lot of answers about fraud in Chapter 6 and how to prevent con artists from taking you for your money, property, or anything else that is rightfully yours.
  • For all your attorney-related questions, I would suggest reading Chapter 8 that offers advice on finding and selecting the right attorney for you.
  • The chapter on the steps to selecting a private investigator (Chapter 16) remains one that I still get regular phone calls about from both the public and reporters. With all the subpar private investigators out there, it’s important to follow the checklist of qualities that every private investigative service should have.

Other chapters include information on stopping domestic violence, minimizing investment pitfalls, protecting yourself from sexual harassment on the job and identifying the warming signs your teenager may be getting into trouble.

The book may have celebrated its 15th anniversary this year, but the content is still relevant and timeless. Each chapter contains a story from my 40-plus years as a private investigator and former supervisory federal agent with the Department of Justice and steps on how to handle each topic.

Do you have any questions about any of the topics addressed by Investigator Confidential? Please let me know and I would be pleased to address your concerns.


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Assets can be hidden in:

  • Offshore accounts
  • Stocks
  • Corporations that can’t be touched
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Mortgages
  • Bank accounts
  • Employers
  • Boats, cars, planes
  • Family gifts
  • Transferring assets to family
  • Gifts to friends
  • Hiding businesses under illegal names