50 Years Later: John Dean, Watergate and My Fellow BNDD Agents

On the video below, John W. Dean, the White House Counsel in 1972, recounts how he learned about the June 17, 1972 arrests at the Watergate complex. Mr. Dean recalls his conversations with Messrs. Fred F. Fielding, Jeb S. Magruder and G. Gordon Liddy.


On the official Department of Justice photo below, Mr. Dean is shown with myself and fellow Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drug agents in Manila, Philippines. A day later, Mr. Dean was advised of the Watergate burglary/break-in telephonically by Mr. Fielding.


Mr. Dean was heavily involved in the cover-up of the Watergate scandal. His testimony to Congress as a witness doomed President Nixon and provided riveting television. He served a four-month sentence and was disbarred as an attorney.


It really does seem like yesterday.