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Annually, over 800,000 individuals go missing. Out of those, 85 to 90% are underage. Regrettably, some police departments have inadequate resources to pursue missing individuals because many other cases require investigating. This is where private investigators come in handy.

Individuals, whether teenagers, children, or adults, go missing for different reasons. They could be running away from abusive circumstances, having mental challenges, or fleeing from responsibility.

Time and again, parents` distress is substantially alleviated once our experienced staff becomes involved in their missing teenager’s case. Our private investigators are former federal agents from agencies including but not limited to IRS, DEA, Secret Service, FBI.

Consequently, they utilize different techniques to find a missing teenage boy or girl and bring them back home in one piece. After contacting us at 1-800-577-1080, we will, within a short while, give you a detailed plan on how we intend to find your loved one.




Here is more information about finding a missing teen:

How Do You Find Someone Who Doesn’t Want to Be Found?

Nowadays, it’s extremely difficult to go totally off the grid. We, especially teenagers, depending on the internet so much, from social media to online gaming, so there are high chances of finding a trail of your missing teenager.

For instance, if they have a phone, social media account, or any other form of connection to the internet, it will be relatively easy to locate them. However, they might be erasing their tracks to avoid being found. Similarly, here are a few handy methods we use to locate a missing person who doesn’t want to be found, including:

Call the Police:

As a distressed and anxious parent or relative, we’re confident that once you realize your teenager is missing, you will make the first call to the police. Sadly, people go missing daily, and specific procedures must be followed under these circumstances.

The police will ask for crucial information like height, age, eye color, weight, and the clothes they had when they went missing. This information will be handy in your missing teenager search data-preserver-spaces=”true”>, and you could also give them a recent picture and fingerprints. Collaborating with the police makes everything legal and convenient since they can quickly get warrants and camera footage, if any.

Online Notice

The next thing to do is file an online notice. The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NMAUPS) is the USA’s most prominent missing persons system. File a notice online so law enforcement and everyone accessing the site will access these details. The moment someone gives you new information, you’ll be able to update your post on the website.

Also, you can post this information on the National Health Care for the Homeless Council, or the National Alliance on Mental illness, if your teenager fits in any of these categories.

Check & Monitor Their social media

You will begin with their social profile. Most teenagers have social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. Check them to see if they may have left any trail or clues regarding where they are.

Next, check their friends` profiles; the details you need might be there. If this is the case, you can call them to see if they know anything about your child’s disappearance.

Place Posters Throughout Your Area

In the event that your child is within, placing posters all over will be handy in finding them. It will help alert those who might have seen them around. In this poster, add relevant content, including what you told the police, as pointed out above. Write their names, height, and the number (s) to call if they are found. Also, include a recent photo in the poster.

Take Advantage of the Media

After you’ve called the police and put-up posters, take advantage of the media. This is the most suitable way to reach a huge crowd. You can use newspapers, TV, radio, and other publications. From close or far, someone could have seen something useful and will alert you or the authorities after seeing your ad on Tv or in the newspapers. Keep in mind that there’s nothing to be ashamed of, and you’re doing this to ensure your loved one returns home safely.

How Can I Find Someone Who Disappeared Online? 

The 21st Century is all about technology and the internet, and while it does present some issues, the pros outweigh the cons. Here is how you can find someone who disappeared online: 

Write All the Important Details About the Missing Teenager.

More than attempting to locate someone with their name is required. Make your pursuit more specific by including details like:

· Nickname & full name

· Schools Attended

· Date of birth or age

· Dislikes and likes

· Phone number

· Addresses (current and previous)

· Place of work

Explore Different Variations of the Individual’s Nickname or Name

Look for different variations of their name on all social media platforms. For instance, if his name is Stephen Duncan, you can search for Dan, Steve, or Steve Dan. Additionally, if you find information on any of the name variations, write it down and research further. For example, you could find details of a Steve Dan in New York and information on a missing Steve in Texas. Take all this information and make some calls to find out if it’s your missing teenager.

For more accurate results online, use quotation marks around each name, though this will only be handy if you’re certain of the spelling. On the other hand, if you suspect they’ve disappeared to a different country, precisely where they speak a different language, use a foreign search engine. Numerous search engines have various versions for other nations. Try using those.

Include Different Information About the Missing Person

Once you’ve tried variations of your teen’s name, modify it by including details like age, workplaces, hometown, or schools attended. For instance, if they have a particular page, they like visiting or are linked to; you can begin your search there. For example, search something like “Wikipedia.org Stephen Duncan” for better-filtered results.

Utilize Search Engines Dedicatedly Established to Find People

These websites are specifically engineered to search for people. They include Pipl.com or ZabaSearch.com. For better results, utilize filters. Furthermore, you can use Lost Trekkers to find your loved ones. Select the type of transport, country, and gender and leave this information on all the appropriate pages. With most of these pages, you are required to register to put up an advertisement. Again, you can look at the existing ads to see if the missing person is also looking for you. 

Online White Pages

Key in the teenager’s name, together with other information you might perceive relevant. If you don’t include a particular area, you’ll get results from all over the country, which will be handy if the missing person has moved. By using their last name only, you might get the results of a relative you know. If the white pages reveal a list of related individuals, you might see your missing person’s name in the results.

How Does a PI Find a Missing Person?

Private Investigators are paid to do just that, investigate in an undetected manner. Here is how a private investigator works to find a missing person:

Interviews & Surveillance

While it is challenging to locate a missing person, private investigators work hard to find them. Fortunately, they have the parents to give them all the necessary information. 

First, a private investigator will ask for a lot of information about your missing teenager, including their medical records, friends, and favorite places to visit, like the mall or theatre. They will then search through personal items for more clues if allowed.

In addition, they will talk to friends about the missing person. For example, if a teenager runs away, the PI will talk to neighbors and friends to see if they know about the escape.


Besides traditional techniques, PIs rely on the latest technology to get helpful information. They will search online and filter through social media profiles and accounts of the missing individual and their “friends” for clues. Also, they can rely on the websites mentioned above for helpful information or other national databases.


As PIs build their career, they build handy relationships in the community and with other investigators across the country, which can be valuable when you need to find someone. So, when they have a missing person case, they know one or more people who can assist them in connecting the dots and finding the person. 

Physical Search

When your teenager goes missing, and you hire a PI, they strategize using your area’s maps, looking for evidence of foul play or voluntary escape, and do interviews with the neighbors for more details. Moreover, they can even visit mortuaries or hospitals since these places are where people only sometimes call to ask about missing persons.

Skip Tracing Services

Skip tracing services will be handy if your missing teenager has run away. Even though it might be rare, some teenagers might run away for different reasons. At times they might be running from an abusive situation or simply being rebellious. With that in mind, if you realize your teenager ran away, you should hire the skip-tracing services of a PI.

What Are the Chances of Finding a Missing Person After 72 Hours? 

A bit low. The first 48 hours are crucial in a missing person’s investigation. In this time frame, it’s easier for the PI or police to find leads and chase suspects.

All the same, most missing person return or are found within the first few days. Regrettably, finding your missing individual becomes trickier after these first few days since the trail turns cold by the minute.

In Conclusion 

Locating a missing person is the most comprehensive of all types of PI works. This is because there are numerous reasons behind a person going missing. With that in mind, it only makes sense that you choose the best and most experienced of the bunch.

This is where we come in, with our missing teenager resources and professional PIs with prior experience in various agencies, including the FBI, Secret Service, IRS, and DEA. We are always ready to help; call us at 1-800-57-1080, and let us find your missing teenager and put a smile on your face.

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