Pre-Litigation Asset Search

So you are faced with litigation; imagine there is a witch’s hex that could be used to your advantage. What do you need to do? The hex can only be revealed through pre-litigation asset searches to serve attorneys and plaintiffs alike. A pre-litigation asset search uncovers information or even assets that would otherwise remain hidden until after a lawsuit has been filed.

As for asset searches, they’re evil yet necessary. You can go about this by accessing public records searches or the Internet. Even so, public record searches remain the most popular choice for information regarding property, assets, tax records, credit card statements, and incomes. However, if you can easily leverage search engines, the Internet can prove a veritable cornucopia of information regarding business interests, investments, and bank accounts.

You can wax lyrical for a whole day about asset searches being a valuable tool for attorneys and plaintiffs in pre-litigation. It simply uncovers a defendant’s assets before filing a lawsuit, allowing attorneys to determine the value of a claim and decide whether it is worth pursuing further. Offshore bank accounts or even hidden real estate asset searches may ensure that a defendant can pay a judgment if the case goes to trial if the defendant owns real estate or has a high-paying job at the same time.


When is the asset search before the court necessary?

When it is necessary to search for assets before a court case, it can often be a daunting task. To determine the necessity of such an inquiry, you must consider the nature of the case and the potential for financial gain or even loss.

For instance, an asset search may be a critical component of a successful outcome in debt collection, divorce, and personal injury cases. In debt collection cases, an asset search reveals any hidden funds or valuable items belonging to the debtor. This may prove critical, as it can provide a means to satisfy the debt and provide a return to the creditor. In divorce cases, an asset search can identify the financial assets of the parties involved, ensuring they are both included in the settlement as required.

Lastly, in personal injury cases, an asset search can provide insight into the defendant’s financial resources and aid in recovering damages due to the plaintiff. As such, an asset search before a court case is often necessary and can provide significant benefits. Where resources may be hidden, an asset search can provide the means to uncover them and ensure justice is served.

Why you may need to do a pre-litigation asset search

As a lawyer, there comes a time when you have to get your foot in the door, but remember not to violate any laws. Victory doesn’t come cheap. So you need not be just any lawyer. No, you have to know it all. And there’s no better way to get the information you need than a pre-litigation asset search. Irrefutably, it’s a witches’ hex, but who can blame an innocent attorney who is just in the game to ensure justice is dispensed?

So use it to get a detailed view of a party’s assets and liabilities before any legal action gets underway. Other reasons to use the pre-litigation asset search include the following:

Pre-litigation asset search to uncover untruths

In the legal field, there is a point where you need some information to determine the best course of action to take in your case. In such matters, a pre-litigation asset search may pay dividends. With your hands on it, you can get a better idea if there are any hidden assets or liabilities that may be relevant to the case, as well as provide valuable insight into a party’s financial standing. As a result, you may use this data to craft a strategy tailored to the case’s specifics and can help your lawyer craft a winning argument.

Further, the pre-litigation asset searches can also be used to identify potential creditors or claimants that may have a legitimate claim against the opposing party. The resulting information can be used to strengthen your case. Additionally, if the opposing party is found to have assets or liabilities that were not previously disclosed, these can be used to your advantage in the proceedings.

Pre-litigation asset search to determine the worth of pursuing the case

In any legal proceeding, the stakes can be high and the outcome uncertain. Before a case is taken to court, it is essential to know if a lawsuit is worthwhile. This is where a pre-litigation asset search comes in. This type of search looks to uncover any potential defendant’s assets. This can provide invaluable insight into whether a case is worth pursuing.

Should there be a dearth of pre-litigation asset searches, plaintiffs may find themselves in a court case with few prospects of success. As a result, knowing the defendant’s assets can mean the difference between winning and losing your case.

In its entirety, the search sheds light on the defendant’s financial status. As a result, it can calculate the number of damages that can be compensated in a given case. Sometimes the defendant may have few assets. As such, the plaintiff may not be able to receive the compensation they are seeking. Therefore, with the pre-litigation asset search, you can determine if a case is worth pursuing.

Pre-litigation asset search to prevent fraud transfers

The malicious machinations of men know no bounds, and they may seek to willfully conceal or transfer assets to thwart the law’s justice. A pre-litigation asset search is necessary to ensure the truth is revealed before a court case can begin. This process, often undertaken by an investigator, involves scouring all possible sources of information about a person’s assets, including public records, databases, and interviews with people who may know the subject’s financial affairs.

The scope of the pre-litigation search is akin to a noose around the necks of victims of the alleged wrongdoing and those seeking to benefit malevolently from a divorce. It can reveal the true extent of the assets owned by the subject and the history of the asset transfers. In return, the information helps the court make an informed decision as to the appropriateness of the transfers and whether they may have been done in bad faith. Additionally, the evidence gained by the search can help establish a monetary value for damages in fraud cases.

Also, what is overlooked when doing the pre-litigation asset search is its ability to prevent fraudulent transfers of assets. However, that can only happen when the search results are gathered carefully and accurately to ensure the court has all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

What can a pre-litigation asset search uncover?

The disadvantage of being a lawyer is that you eventually become the villain in someone else’s story. It’s even worse when you have to solve heinous mysteries. However, to improve your chances of winning or determining whether you need to pursue the case further, you should investigate their assets and financial resources at the same time. Further, the pre-litigation asset search may reveal information such as the following:

  • Bank accounts
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Real estate
  • Vehicles
  • Collectibles
  • Jewellery
  • Foreign accounts
  • Hidden sources of income, such as offshore accounts,
  • Investments and other financial activities that seem not to be apparent

Can you use the pre-litigation asset search to prove liabilities?

Yes, a pre-litigation asset search may reveal any liabilities apart from assets. These may include

  • Unpaid taxes and mortgages
  • Bankruptcy
  • Pending lawsuits and judgments.

Knowing these details in advance allows attorneys to make informed decisions and better prepare for the litigation process.

Take away

Retrospectively, a pre-litigation asset search is an invaluable tool for attorneys and plaintiffs alike. It would help if you considered it necessary for debt collection, divorce, and personal injury cases. And so far, there is no better way to uncover hidden funds or even valuable items belonging to the debtor than to identify the financial assets of the parties involved. Or let alone provide insight into the financial resources of the defendant.

Even so, a pre-litigation asset search may have concise data, and that’s where the question, “What’s the role of our private investigator in a pre-litigation asset search?” arises.

Indeed, a private investigator is your premier choice regarding a pre-litigation asset search. There are a lot of hidden mysteries that their keen eye and skillful prowess can only uncover. What gives us an upper hand is that our private investigators are former federal agents from the DEA, FBI, IRS, and Secret Service. We utilize the latest investigative techniques to discover the financial resources of the other party, helping you secure the best possible outcome in court.

With our knowledge, you are guaranteed to get detailed reports about all the assets of the other party involved. Also, if you need assistance gathering evidence and other documents necessary to bring a case to court, please get in touch with us at 1-800-577-1080 to get more information.

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