Premarital Background Investigation

Sometimes, even though we wish we could believe that the person we marry is perfect, reality often proves the contrary. Sometimes, trusting someone can be deceptive about their past or current motives for marriage. Either the groom or the bride will usually initiate a premarital investigation. Sometimes, the family members on either side may also start one.

You may end up marrying someone motivated to commit criminal or unethical acts–something that a background check would have discovered before you married.

Elevate your research with our unparalleled in-house reports. We don’t rely on the internet, instead utilizing our own technology to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. The reports we provide are court-ready and meticulously reviewed by our team of elite professionals, all of whom are former agents of the FBI, DEA, IRS, and Secret Service.

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It is crucial to get to know the person you are marrying before committing your life. After the vows have been made, a nasty surprise could cause serious problems. Premarital investigations can often be initiated by the bride or groom’s parents or siblings. Sometimes, these suspicions can be justified because many potential spouses have a lot of skeletons in the closet.

An experienced Los Angeles private investigator will take all necessary steps to ensure that your spouse is truthful about their past and not posing a financial risk to you and your family. Although some situations are typical, some can and will impact the viability of any relationship. These secrets should be revealed before the rings are exchanged.


You may feel suspicious about your partner. Here are some possible red flags:

  • Maybe he hasn’t given you his home number.
  • Perhaps she doesn’t want to introduce you to her friends or family. 
  • You might not even know where her husband lives or be concerned that she may lie to you about their divorce. 

So, you may be in the best relationship ever, but you want to feel secure and confident. Martin Investigation Services can help you attain a thorough background check.


Background checks and investigations are integral parts of any fact-finding mission. It is good to conduct a background investigation if you suspect that things could get serious or you have suspicions about someone.

It is an excellent idea to do a background check on your partner before committing your life to them. You might be suspicious of your partner’s behavior and want to know what it is. Trust is key to strengthening the emotional bonds between people. Emotions can cloud judgment. 

Contact Martin Investigative Services today to have a background investigation done to verify that your partner is indeed who they claim to be.


It can be challenging to pinpoint the exact cause of your unease, but it is evident that something is wrong in your relationship.

Some of these issues could include:

  • Married couples who have failed several times
  • Secretly having children in relationships from the past
  • A criminal record or dishonorable discharge record from the armed forces
  • Involved or involved in numerous litigations, including divorce
  • Physical or mental illness
  • Poor employment history

Private investigators can conduct background checks for you. These can include criminal records searches, military investigations, and public record searches. This will allow you to determine if your fiance is hiding any information from you.

You should be aware of the following warning signs: 

  1. Excessive defensive and accusatory behavior;
  2. Uncharacteristic forgetfulness or lying; secret phone calls; odd hours at work; sudden changes in sex drive, and other unusual behaviors
  3. Is your partner hiding something or refusing to talk about their past experiences?
  4. Do you know any of their friends, family, or coworkers?
  5. Have you ever been asked by your partner to use your credit card? Is your partner unusually curious about your finances?
  6. Is your partner curious about your whereabouts and your activities? 

Here at Martin Investigative Services, we offer a Background Check in conjunction with Surveillance.  

Key take away: Everything is kept 100% private and destroyed once we are finished. 

At MartinPI, we check fingerprinting, Comprehensive Information Research and Public Records Checks, Criminal and civil records, Warrants, Inmate Records, Sex Offender databases, driving records, tax liens judgments, etc.


Nobody wants to believe they are being tricked. The world of romance is filled with people who use love to deceive or as a weapon. You may be unsure of your feelings, even if you are passionate about the relationship. It may be wise to hire a private investigator if your children, brother, or sibling are looking to marry someone they don’t trust.