How to find out if your spouse is cheating
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Think your significant other, your spouse is cheating?

Are you in need of a private investigator because you feel your spouse or significant other is cheating? Well, you are definitely on the right track in terms of finding the right private investigators. We are former DEA, FBI, and CIA agents working over 50 years in cheating spouse investigations. Our first tip is to start building a list of red flags, that you feel are out of the normal like suspecting you of cheating, suspicious phone habits, lack of sexual interest, odd smells like perfume, etc.
Listen, a cheating spouse investigation is easy to deploy for our team of highly experienced private investigators. Yes, if you catch them, there may be child support issues, but better to know now before your spouse contracts any sexual diseases and passes them to you.

Should I hire a private investigator to see if my husband is cheating?

We write this section first because men are more prone to having extramarital affairs. When other women call, we explain how men are normally finding locations to meet the other woman, like at a hotel, or Airbnb, for example. But yes, definitely hire a private investigator because when your spouse is surveilled for a while, we will give you a detailed report on where they were, who they were with, and on and on. A cheating spouse investigation is where we ask you to build a timeline as to when he seems to disappear for hours.

Can you hire someone to see if your spouse is cheating?

When people hire someone to find out if a spouse is cheating, it is through the use of a private investigator. You see, keep your friends close, and not have their part of the process. You may think it is wise to have a good friend follow your spouse, but typically it is a bad idea. For one reason, if they are caught, it’s a reason for the spouse to throw up allegations. Be discreet, and the best private investigators like Martin Investigative Services, as our team of private investigators have seen it all due to our 50 years of helping spouses with solid evidence gathering.

How do private investigators find cheating spouses?

First, when we do surveillance, we ensure everything is in the public arena, meaning nothing is left to question which ensures your case is admissible in court. So we keep our distance and blend into the places with either our men or women investigators. We ask you to keep a journal so that we can ensure to keep your cost down.

What can I do to help with the cheating spouse investigation?

Start by checking the browser history of their computer. Many times, they are unaware of how to delete the history from the browser. Now, if they are tech-savvy, they may search in incognito mode, therefore, step 2!

Review opened mail like phone bills, bank statements, credit card statements, etc., to see if you see an Airbnb charge, for example. Here at Martin Investigative Services, we offer a free consultation, and best to keep top methods as when we speak. In the years of helping in infidelity investigations, we found that some other common signs are the following:

Work routine changes: They start coming home later and later. They state a lot of work is added to their plate. Now, they may be telling the truth, so again a private investigator is key.

Every year, we see hundreds of suspicious spouses that simply want us to find out what they already suspect and provide them with proof either way.

Here’s how everything works on these cases.

A few typical signs that a spouse might be cheating

These cases always begin with a suspicion or theory based on a few tell-tale signs, which might include:

  • He/She has been working late, but doesn’t seem at all tired or stressed when they finally comes home.
  • He/She is going away on business trips even though it’s the slow time of year for their company.
  • He/She lacks energy for sex at times when they used to always hound you for it.
  • He/She comes home smelling better than when they left in the morning.

See our full list of common signs that your spouse may be cheating: 20 Ways To Know If Your Partner Is Cheating.

Cheating spouse surveillance

marital infidelity investigator

  • First is your privacy. We keep nothing. We directly give all copies of photos and videos collected during any surveillance investigation to the client. We keep nothing.
  • Second, we will save money and time by going over how much does a private investigator cost. Be it business or personal, effective private investigation helps you avoid the bad decisions that ultimately cost money.
  • Third, is a full money-back Guarantee. We offer a 100% full money-back guarantee on all of our services.

How can we be so confident?

Our investigators are Former Federal agents. Our network comprises of Orange County private investigators that are former DEA, FBI, IRS, and Secret Service agents.
Why choose us?
We are friendly and approachable. The idea of calling a private investigator can be intimidating. You will find us friendly and down-to-earth.

What else to consider?

We offer a free consultation. No risk. Our friendly staff can help with your issue or point you in the right direction. The consult is free and confidential.  Ready?  Call 1-800-577-1080.  We look forward to helping you!