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Do you need a Los Angeles private investigator? Need a bug sweep for a home or business? Need a private investigator to help find a missing person? Surveillance or need a corporate private investigator? PI needed for a cheating spouse? Searching for a male or female private investigator in Southern California is always an essential task. At Martin PI, a team of investigative experts is ready to help. Learn why others choose Martin Investigative Services. Call 1-800-577-1080.

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Learn how to Select the Right Private Investigator in Los Angeles

Learn about how much it costs to hire a private investigator and not simply select a cheap private investigator.  Learn how to choose a private investigator.

Our Los Angeles private investigators have the background and experience to cater to any client’s demands, whether an individual, legal firm, corporation, or insurance company. Family court, criminal defense, insurance claims, employer responsibility, missing persons, and other specialized investigations are some areas where our private investigators have proven their worth to their customers.

These Investigators are meticulously assembled by well-respected experts in their fields, who work with you to find the best solutions for your inquiry. Their work is subject to rigorous privacy and quality checks to guarantee objectivity, currency, and accuracy. If you use Martin’s Private Investigation Services, you can rest assured that you will receive reliable information promptly and a free consultation.

The Los Angeles private investigator agency accepts the most difficult situations. Once the private investigator finds their target, they rarely lose sight of them again. Whether it’s a background search on a person or the discovery of a cheating spouse, Los Angeles private investigators always find the truth.

Los Angeles Private Eye: Licensed and Insured

Martin Private Investigation Services offers a comprehensive range of services as a registered and bonded private investigation firm serving the greater Los Angeles area. Being stationed in Newport Beach and having locations in Beverly Hills and San Diego allows us to gather more evidence and connect with other law enforcement officers. We have extensive experience in private investigator investigations involving adultery and cheating spouses, in addition to their focus on missing persons and family law matters in downtown Los Angeles.

We have licensed private investigators and surveillance specialists in southern California. We serve clients in the greater Los Angeles area and the rest of California, providing them with a comprehensive range of investigation and associated services. We are aware that every inquiry is unique, and every circumstance is one of a kind.

That’s why our California-licensed investigators work closely with each client to determine their specific objectives, develop a strategy to address those goals, and put their investigative prowess to work for them at an affordable rate. If you require a PI in Los Angeles, you can trust your case with skilled, licensed, and reasonably priced investigators. Our detective services and investigations are conducted quickly, expertly, and discreetly.

Private Investigator For Kidnapped Person

If you need a private investigator in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego or anywhere in Southern California for a missing persons investigation, contact Martin Investigative Services today – 1-800-577-1080.

Cases PI’s Investigate in Los Angeles

Child custody

Los Angeles Child Custody Investigations are our specialty. Your child’s security is a top concern, and you can count on the expertise, knowledge, and availability of our Los Angeles PIs. They can help find the truth about potentially harmful behavior, such as alcoholism, drug usage, or physical abuse.

Do a people search or background check.

Our licensed investigators can help you prevent lawsuits, fraud schemes, and other uncomfortable circumstances by conducting comprehensive background checks and locating possible business associates, investors, romantic partners, or prospective employees. They have access to resources that other investigators or websites don’t, allowing them to gather evidence about anyone in any circumstance so that their clients can make the most informed decisions possible. Examples could be to obtain information on a cheating husband or spouse.

Digging up Money in the Bank or Other Secrets

We often get calls concerning a business associate, colleague, friend, or family member who has stolen or robbed money from a firm or worse. Usually, a former business partner who has absconded with funds from a failed investment deal can be located, as can their financial accounts and other financial holdings, using their resources. If you need assistance retrieving funds, hire one of our private investigators to conduct an asset search.

Expert Surveillance Services to Expose a Liar or Catch a Cheater

Simply put, the training and experience have made them the go-to private investigation firm in Los Angeles regarding surveillance. The managers in charge of the surveillance operations are all highly experienced ex-military and law enforcement personnel.

The number of people who can be considered experts in the surveillance field is tiny, and the number of people who can be regarded as experts in the field of human intelligence is even smaller. They use various top-secret tools, including long-range cameras, night vision technology, static motion cameras, and more simply because they don’t want their rivals to figure out how they do it.

Finding the truth when you suspect your partner is cheating on you might be challenging. They have exposed the truth in hundreds of cases of alleged infidelity. These investigations can help you get the facts you need to move forward by using techniques like covert surveillance and decoys.

Background checks on individuals and companies

The clients can rest assured that our Los Angeles private investigators will always uncover new information during background investigations. Nothing is more embarrassing than completing a background check on behalf of a client only to learn that they have been scammed out of money, have lost their firm, or have become emotionally involved with someone who has taken advantage of them.

The worst part of receiving an inquiry for a background investigation is realizing that the client should have asked the detectives to do the investigation before being connected with that person(s) in any way, be it in a professional or personal capacity. Think of all the stress they could have avoided!

Your privacy is safe with LA PI’s

Every question the investigators get is given their undivided attention. Most potential clients can feel comfortable opening up to them about their problems, knowing that everything they say will be kept strictly confidential, regardless of whether they are hiring us to handle their case. In contrast to most other Los Angeles Private Investigation firms, they refuse to take on clients’ cases they believe will not benefit the client’s advantage.

Often referred to as “capturing cheaters,” Los Angeles Private Investigators have years of experience researching cases of infidelity. Experienced surveillance investigators with thousands of hours of experience are needed for these investigations. When it comes to one of the trickiest aspects of being an investigator, keeping a close eye on the clients’ target without being discovered, these women and men are unparalleled pros. Their secrecy and reliability are unquestionable.

Take away

You’ve landed on this page because you’re in a sticky spot and could use some advice choosing local private investigator. Martin Private Investigation services investigators can assist you in an affair, the hunt for a lost loved one, hidden assets, a house invasion, a challenging process service, criminal cases, fraud, or any other disaster. Our privately owned Investigation team is unrivaled regarding its resources, experience, and professionals with the appropriate training and credentials. Our client testimonials are verbally expressed with multiple five stars. Our clients are delighted with our service, evidence, and efficiency. For a free consultation, call 1-800-577-1080.

Surveillance Services
Surveillance Services

Set Up a private and free consultation

The most common surveillance services we perform involve:

Infidelity Surveillance

Private Investigation Services
Private Investigation Service

Orange County Private Investigator | Los Angeles Private Investigator

The private investigators of Martin Investigative Services are former Federal agents that are experts at providing you proof that is admissible as evidence in a court of law. Learn the risks of hiring a private investigator.

Investigators have extensive experience in investigative law and reporting techniques, background investigations, surveillance, interrogation, employee fraud investigation and litigation issues, and information searches.

Hiring a Private Investigator

Martin Investigative Services gathers only court-admissible evidence and all investigators are considered experts in a court of law. We are located in Southern California and serving the continental US.

Corporate Investigation
Corporate Private Investigator

As a corporate private investigator we stop employee theft.

Do you think your employees are stealing from you? Do you suspect them of illegal activities at work? Are they sleeping on the job?

There is a relatively simple solution to your problem: Our interrogation and interview services get results quickly.  All information gathered is court-admissible.

Prevent corporate espionage

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, corporate espionage is commonplace.

We offer full investigations that maintain the integrity of your business security, and include bug sweepssurveillanceinterrogations of employees, employee fraud investigations and more.

Background Search
Background Searches

Performed and reviewed by former Federal agents.

These days, there are a number of companies and web sites that perform background checks.

More often than not these services offer results of mixed quality by using dated sources that provide only pieces of information, with no quality assurance or professional review.

Employee Background Check
How to Find a Missing Person

How to Find a Missing Person

Missing Persons Private Investigator

Needing to find a person, a long lost friend, an adult family member?

We know the angst sometimes a lost person brings to a family.  After 50 years of service, we have the knowledge to digitally search at the deepest levels.  Finding someone who doesn’t want to be found is a daunting task.  Here at Martin Private Investigations, we are equipped with the largest databases to help you, find who you’re looking for.

From adoption search, finding deadbeat dads, finding biological parents, missing persons in Mexico, missing person with mental illness and more, we can help.

Private investigator to find someone

We have found thousands of missing people, e.g., finding a missing relative.  We search high and low to help find loved ones. Learn more about:

Our private investigators have helped thousands of people trying to locate someone.

Asset Search
Asset Search

Properties | All Types of Accounts

Types Of Asset Searches We Conduct

Be sure nothing is left uncovered when Martin PI conducts an private investigator asset search at the start of the investigation process. We also offer private investigator services for lawyers.

Private investigator to find someone

Our financial investigations do the following:

  • We research billions of records, not always available in public databases.

Here at MartinPI, we have access to the deepest of databases.  Asset search takes time and dedication. We have thousands of asset searches with great success.  Start and Call (800) 577-1080.

Bug Sweep Detection
Bug Sweep Detection

Find out How to tell if a room is bugged. You see if you suscept someone nefarious around you, hire somone to check for hidden cameras. Peace is a call away.

Need to bug sweep your property? If you are a home owner or business owner, learn about the following:

The professional name for a bug sweep is an electronic surveillance detection sweep. This is a full-scale inspection that is performed in 3 phases over 2 days.

Bug sweep service is important to not only find the bugs that may be hidden, but to find the people that planted them in the first place! We guarantee that we will find any and all eavesdropping  devices secreted in your home or workplace. Learn more about how to find a hidden camera.

Home, Vehicle, Corporate Office Sweeps

Our private investigators are former Federal agents that have decades of experience with these situations.