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In a stressful situation, do you need a Los Angeles private investigator? Need a bug sweep for a home or business? Missing person? Surveillance? Searching for the right investigator in Southern California is always an essential task. At Martin PI, a team of investigative experts is ready to help. Learn why others choose Martin Investigative Services. Call 1-800-577-1080.
As a Souther California private investigator, Martin Private Investigation Services will protect you, your family, and your business. Martin Investigative Services has over 50 years of investigative experience, and our private investigators are former supervisory Federal agents.

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How to Select a Los Angeles Private Investigator

Our Los Angeles private investigators have assisted thousands of thankful clients in LA by listening to their investigation situation while offering a free consultation.

Thomas Martin can go over any client topic below. Click on the link below, and feel free to call us.

  1. Hidden assets investigations
  2. Missing person search
  3. Bug sweep detection services
  4. Surveillance
  5. Infidelity surveillance
  6. Corporate Investigations
  7. Background checks
  8. Interrogations and more!
  9. Law firms

How much do private investigators cost in California?

When searching for a private investigator, you must first understand the essential aspects. Instead, can you walk into the office to present your current situation if needed? Here at Martin PI, we have an office in Newport Beach Fashion Island.

Now, regarding price, we first offer a free consultation. This way, you cannot go wrong. But briefly, the price is based on the situation. For example, it will range if you need a bug sweep or have surveillance done on a cheating spouse. To give a number, however, assume around $100 up to $200 per hour. Some instances, however, can go upward to $500.00 for specialized investigations.

To recap, choose the best! Not by price, as most “quality” investigative services are all around that hourly price point. Again, select “years of experience.” You won’t go wrong. And here at Martin PI, Thomas Martin alone has over 50 years, not including the team that has been assembled.

Is it legal to hire a private Investigator in California?

It is always asked if it is legal to hire a private investigatorYes, it is legal to hire a private investigatorYou can hire a private investigator to collect evidence, testify, or serve subpoenas on parties trying to evade you. You will need a license to work as a private investigator in California. 

What can a private investigator do?

First, what a top private investigator can do is hear you out. Your situation, like others, is unique. Each one has a subtle difference. When you hire a private investigator, they will gather your collected evidence and complete a thorough background check to build out the proper attack plan. The bottom line, a good investigator, compiles surveillance information that would ultimately hold up in court! Here at Martin PI, former federal agents, we have helped thousands upon thousands of thankful families, businesses, and individuals seeking relief.


Martin PI is the most experienced Los Angeles private investigator one can find! Our licensed private investigators will research your matter on how to locate a missing person through digital forensics, witness statements, insurance fraud investigations, background checks, asset searches, missing persons, and video surveillance and bug sweeps.

Also, when we complete a background search, asset search, and any surveillance, we can help you by backing it up in court.

Here at Martin PI, our professional private investigators are licensed, have extensive experience, abide by the law, advise you on your situation, and explain what you can and cannot do.

Ready? Receive a free consultation today.

Private Investigation Agency – Los Angeles County, CA.

When choosing a private investigator, ask the right questions.

We are the most experienced Los Angeles County private investigators one can find! Our licensed private investigators will research your matter from how to track down a missing person to digital forensics, insurance fraud investigations, background checks, missing person, and video surveillance, Los Angeles bug sweeps while offering a free consultation.

Private investigation can find proof and information that protects you, your family, or your business.

Here at MartinPI, our professional private investigators are licensed, have extensive experience, abide by the law, advise you on your situation, and explain what you can and cannot do.

And here at MartinPI, we always give you a free consultation.

When choosing a private investigator, ask the right questions.

Whether or not you choose Martin Investigative Services, ask the right questions and learn the risks of hiring a private investigator so you can hire a private investigator worth their salt. In speaking with Tom Martin, the best Los Angeles County private investigator, he will determine your investigative needs and ensure your answer promptly while being cost-effective. Tom Martin’s professional manner is courteous, and he will listen to the details and choose the legal action you need to take.

Is a private investigator licensed?

California is one of the more demanding states concerning the requirements for private investigators. Currently, California requires the following to become a private investigator:

Tom Martin has been working as a private detective for 50 years and has mastered the latest technology while offering free consultations. Your situation is kept as a private matter and all sensitive information is submitted to you and we keep nothing.

Does the pI have a background in law enforcement?

A good private investigation company in California will have a background in law enforcement and many years of professional private investigation experience.

MartinPI Private Investigation Case Study:

Somebody Is Watching You

We were recently retained by a large well-known civil law firm in San Francisco that renders legal advice to financial institutions in the financial district of San Francisco. They were interested in our in-house computer system and how it could help with asset searches and recovering monies owed from current judgments.

One of the senior attorneys shared with me that her daughter, a lawyer in another firm, was concerned that someone was “tapping” her phone and computers while she performed legal work for her firm at home.

We advised that we could perform an electronic eavesdropping detection sweep at her home. He was advised this was not a sideline for us but an integral part of our business. She was also referred to our website, which deals with this subject matter, bugsweep.


Our staff performed a two-day, three-phase sweep of the subject’s residence. Our technician found a small camera secreted in the master bedroom of the home. The subject was advised and immediately suspected her recently divorced husband.

Our investigative staff devised a plan so that the husband was to take their two children while our client went away on business. Surveillance was maintained on the residence, and shortly after her departure, our surveillance investigators observed the ex-husband enter the home with a key.

Our staff previously placed cameras recorded the ex removing his hidden camera in our client’s bedroom. The local law enforcement agency was notified, and charges are currently pending with the local police and district attorney’s office.

Can the private investigator testify in a court of law?

In the litigious state of California, an excellent private investigator will know the system and how to work within it.

Investigations should yield court-admissible evidence, but your investigator should also be able and ready to testify in support of this evidence. Many Los Angeles County private investigators do not have this experience or background.

Martin Investigative Services gathers only court-admissible evidence, and all investigators are considered experts in a court of law.

Does the private investigator have a physical office?

A professional private investigator will always have an office. It is pervasive for private investigators not to have offices in California, preferring to meet at restaurants or communicate by phone or email only. These investigators should be eliminated from consideration as you need to know you’ll be able to locate this person again once you’ve handed over a payment.

Martin Investigative Services has Corporate Offices in Newport Beach, CA., and offers services throughout California, the U.S., and even a few select foreign countries.

Does the private investigator clearly define the fees involved?

When you contact a private investigator, explain the service you would like performed and ask how much it will cost.

A professional private investigator will provide an accurate estimate without your approval and not exceed the quote.

Your first conversation with any reputable private investigator should always be at no charge.

Martin Investigative Services will always provide you with an estimate upon our first conversation. All consultations remain free and confidential.

Do you have a good gut feeling about the need for a private investigator?

Private investigators know that very often, your intuition is correct. When we speak for the first time, ask yourself if you feel good about it. What is your immediate gut reaction?

Make sure the private investigator thoroughly understands your situation and that you feel comfortable. You should feel they are looking out for your best interests. Your needs should always come before money.

Martin Investigative Services will always make an effort to understand your specific investigative need and tell you whether or not we can help so that you can move forward in any event.

Why would you trust anyone but a highly qualified private investigator?

The private investigators of Martin Investigative Services are former Federal agents that are experts at providing you proof that is admissible as evidence in a court of law.

Investigators have extensive experience in investigative law and reporting techniques, background investigationssurveillanceinterrogationfraud investigation and litigation issues, and information searches.

We are supporting you the whole way.

Ongoing partnerships with Los Angeles County law enforcement, legal representation, and industry professionals enable Martin Investigative Services to provide a full range of support in your time of need.

Why not call? It’s free and confidential.

If you are experiencing trouble in your business, with a spouse or partner, family member, or an employee, or you feel you’re in danger, call. You can speak with a seasoned private investigator on a one-on-one basis.

When an in-person meeting is necessary, investigators can meet you at Martin Investigative Services’ Newport Beach offices or a location of your choice. Your appointment and services performed will be kept in total confidence.

Contact Martin Investigative Services today for your private consultation.

Case Study: Private Investigation

Los Angeles Overturned Conviction

Another private investigator referred the president of a major software company in Los Angeles to Martin Investigative Services. Our private investigator cost was exactly what our clients expected.

The client had been accused of rape by his stepdaughter and had been convicted in a court of law.

The client refused the charge. In a case like this, Martin Investigative Services is as skeptical as anyone else, but he kept insisting, “I didn’t do it.”


Martin Investigative Services’ private investigators reviewed trial transcripts in detail and subsequently interviewed and interrogated trial witnesses.

New witnesses were found and interviewed until a smoking gun was found, which cleared the client of all wrongdoing and proved that the mother and stepdaughter had conspired to accuse the client of rape to obtain all the assets in the pending divorce case.

The guilty verdict was overturned, the accusations were proven false, and the client was set free.  Call our PI today at 1-800-577-1080.

Martin Investigative Services has performed background checks, private investigation, surveillance and bug sweeps for our clients.  They have also served difficult process in lawsuits.  They have performed unquestionably and unfailingly to perfection.  We will always call Martin first – and hope he hasn’t been called yet by the other side!

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