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Did you know the number of missing persons in the U.S. has reduced to 521,705 cases by 2021 since 1990? According to the statistics, it is the lowest number ever registered. The technique and technology integrated by private investigators today make it easy to conduct surveillance. Ever seen those Hollywood scenes where investigators follow an individual, jump over fences, and take pictures?

Well, it is not far from reality. Private investigators are capable of providing you with a myriad of services. But how much does it cost to hire a private investigator in California? Before starting your hiring process, read on for a detailed insight into everything you need to know about private investigators in Los Angeles data-preserver-spaces=”true”>.


Private Investigator in Los Angeles: Licensed and Bonded

A quick search of private investigators in Los Angeles will provide you with a bunch of companies, which makes it hard to find a quality choice. A good private investigator (PI) should be licensed and capable of providing some surety. When searching for a PI, check if they are licensed and bonded.

But what does it mean to be bonded? It means the company is providing its customers with an additional layer of security. Apart from that, ensure that the company has experience dealing with several surveillance cases.

How to Hire a Private Investigator in Los Angeles

Say you are suspicious about your partner but don’t have evidence or surety to prove your case. The first thing should be to discuss the matter with your attorney to get legal counsel before hiring a private investigator. If your attorney does not provide a recommendation, do a quick search for a licensed “private investigator near me.”

There is a ton of private investigators in Los Angeles. All you need to do is look for an experienced PI with a specialty in your case. Many companies today offer numerous services with specialized PIs for every investigation. Notably, looking only a little at the cost of hiring an investigator is recommended if you want quality results in your case.

How Much Does a PI Cost in Los Angeles?

The average hourly cost of hiring a PI in Los Angeles is around $50-$60. However, the price varies based on the level of experience of the PI. The length of the investigation, the location, and the difficulty of the case, especially if the subject is a high-profile person, can also affect the cost. Many PIs will also require you to make a deposit or retainer of up to $5,000 to cover expenses and services rendered.

Factors that determine the cost include the estimated surveillance hours, hotel and travel costs, as well as the urgency of the case. Additionally, private investigator Los Angeles costs data-preserver-spaces=”true”> can increase if the investigation requires you to hire additional PIs.

How Do Private Investigators Do Surveillance?

Almost every private investigator has a unique method of conducting surveillance. It is their way of building their brand and reputation. Nonetheless, there are several commonly used surveillance techniques, as shown below:

Gathering of Information

Once the investigator has identified whether your purpose of conducting the investigation is legal, moral, and ethical, the next step is to gather information about the subject. Among some of the questions you should expect to provide answers to include:

· What is their name?

· What do they look like (pictures)

· Where do they live?

· What type of vehicle do they drive?

· Where do they work?

· What is their routine?

· Where do they hang out?

It might seem like a bother to answer such questions, but it is a critical step to ensuring the investigation’s success. You might be surprised by how much difference the little bit of information you ignore can have on the success or failure of your case.

Planning of Surveillance Schedule

There are two ways clients can approach this step. They can either choose to manage the days and hours of conducting surveillance or ask the investigator to schedule their own time. Even so, it is recommended to work as a team to determine the best time to conduct surveillance. It might save you quite a lot of money in the long run.

Note that this is the most critical stage in any investigation. Failing to come up with a good plan is planning to fail. Ensure you work with your PI and brainstorm the best tactic to approach the subject. Your involvement in the case will make it easy for the PI to know where to start and the technique to use to get better results.


If you have paid the agreed down payment or retainer fee, it is time to check out what the subject or person of interest is up to in their dealings. Regardless of whether it’s a case of infidelity or fraudulent activity, an experienced PI should be capable of handling the investigation in the best way possible.

Unlike law enforcement officers, PIs cannot obtain phone records or tap wires. However, they can use hidden cameras, GPS trackers, audio recorders, physical surveillance, decoys, and internet monitoring.

Depending on the technicality of your case, your PI will use the best technique to solve your investigation in the shortest time possible. For instance, if it involves a cooperative security investigation, the PI can hire an employee working inside the company to plant hidden cameras, access confidential files, and conduct surveillance on their behalf where necessary.

Private Investigator Services

Most private investigator companies today provide users with a wide range of investigator services. Some of these services include the location of missing persons, infidelity investigations, child custody investigations, and cooperate security investigations. Let’s check out some of the private investigator services in California.

Los Angeles Infidelity Investigations

Cases of infidelity are everywhere but offer the most complex challenge of uncovering the truth. You may try to investigate, but it is often ineffective and can spook your partner to be even more secretive. Private investigators in Los Angeles can handle infidelity cases and provide you with a successful investigation.

However, before hiring a private investigator in Los Angeles, cheating spouses to look into your case, check for signs, and keep a journal of your partner’s whereabouts. It will help your PI conduct surveillance and provide quicker results.

Corporate Security Investigations in Los Angeles

Whether it is employees stealing from your company, embezzlement, or fraud, a wide range of private investigators in Los Angeles specialize in corporate security investigations. They can detect any possible misconduct in your company and ensure it runs smoothly and legally.

This investigation requires investigators to integrate techniques such as using an employee to help them manage an investigation schedule. They can also use hidden cameras and internet surveillance to monitor the subject or person of interest.

Child Custody Investigations in LA

Compared to other private investigations, child custody requires emotional intelligence, ingenuity, and lighter handling of the case. Child custody investigators in LA can work discreetly, quickly, and with your family’s interest at heart to ensure you get the best results.

Most child custody investigators in LA are females with innate discretion and high-level care. They understand that neglect and abuse can take many forms and be harder to observe and document. As a result, the findings put their client’s minds at ease or advise on legal interventions.

Locating Missing Persons in Los Angeles

Missing person investigations are pretty sensitive. It is because they require a lot of time and data to trace the persons of interest. Fortunately, there is an array of experienced missing person private Investigators in Los Angeles. They employ various techniques such as interviews, surveillance, social media checks, public records, background checks, and mortuary and hospital searches.

All you need to do to find a good private investigator is check for those with experience finding missing persons. Preferably, look for a company with former federal agents as investigators. These professionals are known to have the connections required to hasten your search and improve the chances of finding your loved one.

How to Investigate a Cheating Spouse in Los Angeles

Partners cheating in a relationship are pretty secretive and discreet, making it hard for you to uncover the truth. Private investigators are professionals trained to track and monitor your partner’s actions without being discovered. Some have years of experience in spousal infidelity investigations in high-profile cases worldwide.

The process incorporated in infidelity cases is similar to other surveillance investigations. A professional PI starts by gathering the required information about your spouse before identifying the best technique. Here are the different types of surveillance commonly used to investigate a cheating spouse:

· Digital- It entails conducting surveillance online. Your PI monitors your spouse online on social media and other digital platforms.

· Physical– This technique includes following your partner on foot or with a vehicle to collect data. Usually, surveillance is done in a car. It appears normal outside but features a range of surveillance tools on the inside.

· Interview– Your PI can also conduct surveillance by interviewing your spouse’s friends, coworkers, and family.

· Technical- It involves using various tools such as wiretaps, hidden cameras, audio recorders, and other technological devices.

Note that it is recommended to be honest with your PI and ensure you don’t leave out even the tiniest details. It will significantly work on providing the investigation is a success.

How Much Does a PI Cost to Follow Someone in Los Angeles, California?

It can cost you around $50 per hour to hire a private investigator in Los Angeles to follow a person. Some companies, however, offer reduced prices if the investigation requires longer hours or days. The PI will also require you to provide a deposit or retainer fee of up to $5,000.

The retainer fee caters to the PI’s expenses during the investigation. Typically, the amount is nonrefundable whether the case is successful and might require you to spend more on additional costs.

Depending on the case’s complexity, especially if the person being followed is a high-profile person, the cost of conducting an investigation might be higher. Look for a private investigator offering reduced prices and capable of committing fully to the case.

Who Can Hire a Private Investigator in Los Angeles?

Anyone needing assistance with an investigation can hire a private investigator in Los Angeles. Numerous professionals specialize in different fields for almost any type of case. Most of them conduct investigations daily, making them the perfect professionals to handle your case. Besides, some companies have investigators that are former federal agents.

Wouldn’t it be great to work with a former FBI, DEA, or secret service agent? These professionals are well-connected and equipped with the investigation skills required to ensure success in any investigation. Although it might be costly to work with such a professional, the success of your case is almost inevitable.

After all, it is better to work with them for shorter hours than long hours with an inexperienced PI that won’t guarantee success. All you need to do to ensure quicker results is to be honest in your description and details. It will be easier for your PI to anticipate the target’s move with the correct information.


Private investigators are undoubtedly the most sought-after professionals today. Whether you are looking to spy on your spouse or catch a criminal, getting the desired results with a personal investigator is possible. However, finding a good company with experienced PIs that guarantees the best value for your money takes time and effort. But you can always get the best private investigator in Los Angeles if you know what to look for and where to begin your search.

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