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Meet Thomas Martin. He knows how to protect your privacy rights!  Here at MartinPI, we offer 5 primary private investigation services which include, locating a missing person, asset searches, background searches, surveillance, and bug sweeps, the detection of monitoring devices and hidden cameras in your home and business.

“Our team of private investigators are former Federal agents with the FBI, DEA, IRS or Secret Service.” Thomas Martin says.

Thomas G. Martin and his team of former Federal agents have a proven track record of delivering results. Martin Investigative Services has been featured in both National and Local publications from the Los Angeles Times to the Wall Street Journal.

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  • Off the Press:  Thomas Martin on the Orange County Business Journal – 3/22

From the Desk of Thomas Martin

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I founded Martin Investigative Services in Newport Beach in 1982, and we have been serving corporate and individuals for the past forty years. As a retired federal agent with the Department of Justice, I have assembled a team of former agents from the FBI, DEA, IRS and Secret Service that is unsurpassed in our profession.  We serve clients throughout the United States as the only known PI agency with former federal agent contacts in all 50 states. If you are searching for a “private investigator near me,” rest assured here at MartinPI, we have you covered no matter where you live. Please take a moment to watch my video and check out my definitive books on private investigation and how to live your best, safest life. If you have a question or wish any matter clarified, please call our toll-free number at 800.577.1080 and one of our staff will be pleased to speak with you.

Do you need Mexico Private Investigators to find a loved one?  Our team of private investigators can help too. Here at MartinPI, we focus primarily on missing person search, asset searches, bug sweeps and background searches.  When ready please call or go the contact page to fill out the needed information so that we can have a brief overview before the call.  Learn more about, “how much does a private investigator cost“.