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Who Can Check My Car for a Tracking Device

Here at Martin Private Investigation Services, we are professionals in making sure your privacy is not being exploited. We can guarantee that we will find the hidden GPS car trackers in your vehicle. With over 50 years In the Private Investigation space and working across the United States, we are sure we can help you gather peace of mind.

Understanding How GPS Tracking Devices Work

Remember that a GPS tracking device must “see” the sky properly. Although GPS signals can pass through thin plastic materials, they cannot pass through metal. As a result, the device must be placed in a safe location and provide a relatively direct communication route with the satellites above.

GPS trackers designed for automobiles can be purchased at big box stores like Walmart, electronics stores such as Best Buy, and specialty stores catering to private investigators. They are also available online from virtually any retailer selling electronics such as GPS and surveillance equipment.

Who can check my car for a tracking device

Types of GPS Trackers

There are two types of GPS trackers: active and passive. A Passive GPS tracker records and store’s location data, whereas active GPS trackers use GPS to determine and transmit that location via a cellular connection.

Active GPS trackers send real-time location data. The unit contains a device that functions similarly to a cellular phone and transmits data whenever the unit is in motion or at predetermined intervals, such as once per minute. While some can GPS trackers be hardwired into the vehicle, most are battery-powered.

Battery-powered GPS tracker typically includes a sensor that detects when the tracker is in motion, initiates power and signal transmission, then turns off after several minutes of inactivity. Tracking data can be sent to a smartphone or an internet-connected computer, making it very convenient.

Who May Inspect my Vehicle for hidden gps trackers?

Most automobile owners are aware that their vehicles are outfitted with monitoring devices. You might be shocked, though, at who can examine your automobile for a tracking device, who has access to these instruments, and how long it takes to remove them. Anyone with a tracking device can have remote access to this data. In that case, a Private Investigator from Martin Private Investigation Services can do a professional bug sweep to detect any tracking devices. We have helped people and companies big and small in all 50 states to make sure they are not being surveiled. Call us at 1-800-577-1080 for a free consultation.

How to Determine Whether Remote Control Devices Have Tracked Your Vehicle

If you hear any unusual noises that you haven’t normally heard emitting from your car, that can be a sign that somebody has put a tracking device or some type of bug in your car. If you have seen any unfamiliar lights or vibrations those also may be signs of tracking bugs as well. You can check the car’s owner’s manual and use that as a reference to see if there are any

Examine the Outside

Because bumpers are composed of injection-molded ABS, they are an ideal location for a GPS tracker, making this the most likely location for a tracker to be hidden. To examine the behind a bumper, we recommend using a mirror on an extension pole and a torch to illuminate the area.

If you don’t locate anything behind the either bumper, move on to the vehicle’s underbelly. Look for any area that appears cleaner than the rest of the undercarriage. Remember to inspect the wheel wells. Even though there is no recommended spot for a tracker, an untrained user may have concealed one there.

Finally, carefully check the engine compartment. Not disconnecting anything is recommended unless you know what you’re doing. However, keep a close eye on any wires linked to the vehicle’s battery, as these may lead to a GPS tracker.

Examine the Interior

GPS trackers that plug directly into the OBD data port beneath the dashboard or the 12V cigarette lighter outlet are the simplest to locate. These will likely be apparent from the vehicle’s cab and will not require extra examination procedures. If you don’t locate a GPS tracker in these places, look around the inside, including the dashboard, storage compartments, behind the seats, and beneath the spare tire.

Because the inside plastic trim on most current automobiles is easily removed and frequently conceals an excess of vacant space, this is the most likely location for a concealed GPS tracker. To avoid disassembling half your automobile to discover a little box, you should use an electric bug sweeper. Electronic bug sweepers identify the existence of GPS and radio signals and can direct you to them, allowing you to quickly locate a GPS tracker.

Top Three Location and Signs to look out for

Most trackers are put in areas like these listed below.

· Examine the door knobs for any cables or an out of place wire

· Keep an eye out for flashing lights or little buttons near the steering wheel.

· Check your dashboard for any technological gadgets. Also, remember to check your trunk. these are high potential locations where a gps tracking device may be hidden. 

Brief overview of Vehicles

Cars nowadays are outfitted with a wide range of technologies, including GPS tracking systems, satellite navigation, cellular phone connections, and Bluetooth. These, although convenient, also act as tracking devices. Make sure no one knows your car’s ignition lock combination. With that they could encrypt some type of software to have access to your location always. You can install a car alarm installer to notify you if somebody is trying to get into your vehicle. Such a device can help notify you and therefore be aware of threats.

Final Thoughts

Martin Investigation Services has investigated similar cases in which several people believe they are being tracked and that their privacy is being exploited. To finally get your answer and make sure you are not being tracked, for professional assistance contact “Martin Investigation Services” anytime to recruit qualified individuals by dialing 1-800-577-1080.

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