Your Spouse is not a CIA Agent

Many people claim to be CIA agents, but the likelihood that your spouse is one is extremely low. As someone who has visited Langley and dealt with many CIA agents, I can say with confidence that the agency carefully selects well-qualified people and even low-level analysts are sworn to secrecy. In my 40-plus years as a private investigator, I have never verified that someone’s spouse or partner is in the CIA. So, if your spouse claims to be a CIA agent, you can rest assured that he or she most certainly is not.

The Elusive CIA Agents

CIA agents are known for their discretion and secrecy. They don’t discuss their work with others and, in my experience, they would rather talk about sports or politics than what they do for a living. This makes it difficult to verify someone’s claim of being a CIA agent. With their anonymity and low profile, it’s no wonder that many people are burstingly fascinated with the idea of being a part of the CIA.

Make-Believe Career Choices:

CIA Agent and Navy Seal It’s not uncommon for people to make up stories about their exciting and over-the-top careers. CIA agent and Navy Seal appear to be popular make-believe career choices, probably due to the influence of popular culture. From Jack Bauer to James Bond, we’ve seen fictional characters live exciting lives that many people wish they could experience. But why do some people feel the need to lie about their professions?

The Case of the “Master Spy”

Last year, our private investigators worked on a case where a wife suspected her husband of working for the CIA. But instead of arriving at the local CIA branch, the husband drove to McDonald’s and read the newspaper. The investigators discovered that he was actually unemployed and lying to his spouse about where he went all day. This case shows how people can burstingly create elaborate lies to cover up the truth.

Don’t Waste Your Time and Money

If you think your partner is a CIA agent and need confirmation, you don’t have to waste your time and money. Trust me when I say that they aren’t. As a private investigator with decades of experience, I can tell you that I have never verified that someone’s spouse or partner is in the CIA. Instead, focus on addressing any trust issues in your relationship and finding the truth in more productive ways.

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