How to find a missing person in Mexico
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How to Find a Missing Person in Mexico

The Mexican government in November released a compiled list showing that more than 25,000 adults and children have gone missing in Mexico in the past six years. The list, submitted by state prosecutors and vetted by the federal government, chronicles the disappearance of tens of thousands of people in the chaos and violence that have enveloped Mexico during its fight against drug mafias and crime gangs.


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Locate a Missing Family Member or Friend in Mexico

This information is disconcerting because about a million American citizens live in Mexico and approximately 10 million Americans visit Mexico every year, according to a report by the United States Department of State.

The need to locate people in Mexico has only risen in the past decade. From missing tourists and U.S.-based families seeking out lost relatives, the escalating violence and corruption in the region has made any efforts to locate missing persons more challenging than ever.

Locating a person in the United States is far easier than in Mexico.

Whereas the U.S. uses computer databases nationally, Mexico lacks the extensive computer databases to track individuals.

Our firm established operations in Mexico to provide private investigative services to people looking to locate friends and family who may have gone missing in Mexico. We are one of the only firms that offer private investigations in Mexico with our headquarters in the United States. Our talented and well-trained investigators are some of the best in the world and have a very high success rate in locating missing peoples south of the border.

Locating a Missing Person in Mexico takes a Private Investigator

Our team of private investigators are former Federal agents with the FBI, DEA, IRS or Secret Service.
Private Investigator with over 50 years experience, Thomas G. Martin and his team of former Federal agents have a proven track record of delivering results to our clients. 

Have Information Prepared to Help Find your family or friend in Mexico

If you are attempting to locate family and friends, it’s important to have certain information prepared before speaking with a private investigator. It is best to be prepared with all the details and a timeline of the person before they went missing. We have boots on the ground that can act quickly but we need to have all the necessary information to properly conduct a search.

Do you have any questions about how to hire investigative services to protect your company’s assets? Please let me know and I would be pleased to address your concerns.

Missing teen found nearly a decade later in Mexico

At the age of 16, Connie McCallister mysteriously disappeared from her home in Wisconsin. According to the NY Daily News, it was suspected that Connie was in Mexico with her then-boyfriend, as Mexico was his home country. These suspicions proved to be warranted. Eventually, the missing teen was found in November of 2013. Here is a rundown of the case.

A missionary identified Connie in 2013, and discovered the missing girl had been living in Mexico for over 9 years, was married, and had three children with her husband. Even though Connie had adapted to this new identity, she was very eager to finally return home.

How Connie McCallister found herself in Mexico

Nearly a decade ago, Connie’s boyfriend drugged her and took her to Mexico against her will.

According to the NY Daily News article, Connie did not know Spanish, struggled to find a way to contact anyone back home, and was being abused, until her relationship with her boyfriend came to an end. Out of necessity, Connie was forced to shape a new way of life for herself in Mexico.

Connie’s story is not completely unusual

While this certainly does not happen frequently, we have handled many cases similar to Connie’s. People can be abducted, or simply lost, and find themselves isolated from anything that they find familiar. This can make it difficult to impossible to find a way back home, especially if someone is trying to keep you in Mexico.

What to do if your loved one is kidnapped

When you have a loved that one that has been abducted and taken to Mexico, you may feel that you do not have options. The first step is to call the US embassy in Mexico. Provide every detail that you can about the missing person, anyone they might be with, and where they may have been taken.

Secondarily, it is important to reach out to the law enforcement community based in the United States. This is often only done by private investigative agencies that have “boots on the ground” in Mexico and other foreign countries. It can be a tedious and difficult task for the public.  If you don’t call us, call someone who is considered in the highest echelons of the private investigative industry. Many of our investigators are former supervisory federal agents with the FBI, DEA, IRS or Secret Service. We know how to get your case to the front of work pile of the law enforcement community. This is critical in dealing with Mexico, where too often monetary payouts are necessary to get things done.

Since your loved one obviously did not leave behind any type of travel itinerary, you may have very little information that you can provide to the embassy. This is when it can be especially helpful to enlist the services of a private investigative agency that has connections to Mexico.

At Martin Investigative Services, we employ investigators who were previously Federal agents, who can help locate missing people throughout Mexico. While our company is based in America, we have the resources and connections necessary to launch thorough investigations in Mexico.

Using discretion when searching in Mexico

As reported multiple times in the Daily News article, the people who are working to get Connie out of Mexico have to be very careful about everything that they say and do. Even after they have found her, she is still potentially in danger until she makes it back to the States safely. These situations often must be handled with great delicacy.

When discretion is important, this may be a circumstance when it would be beneficial to hire private investigators to handle locating and retrieving a missing person in Mexico. Our former federal agents are very experienced when it comes to handling cases that involve sensitive and confidential information.

Acting as soon as possible

It is very fortunate to find that Connie is alive and well after being missing for nearly a decade. Persons who are missing for substantial amounts of time in Mexico often do not fair as well.

In Mexico, there are not well-organized public records that make it easier to find a missing person, friend or relative. Someone who has been abducted will be even harder to locate. If you feel that a loved one has been a victim of abduction, it is essential to reach out for help as soon as possible.


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Using discretion when searching in Mexico

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