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Do you think hidden cameras exist in your business/corporate, home, or car? There might be, especially if you got wind that someone knows certain information that was not shared. Listen, in today’s high-technology times, learn what to do if you think a hidden camera is hidden in your private locations. The bottom line, hire someone to check for hidden cameras. Hire a private investigator that focuses on the proper techniques for hidden cameras. Here at Martin Investigative Services, and after 50 years of helping people and businesses across the United States detect hidden cameras, you can rest assured we will find ALL hidden cameras. Call 1-800-577-1080 for a free consultation. Also, you can contact us here.


How to find hidden cameras and microphones in your house

Are you ready to sweep for hidden cameras and to learn if there is a tracking device or some infrared camera lens pointing at you? Once you are done reading this article, don’t hesitate to call Martin PI, but for now, take notes because we will go over spy cameras and what spy camera detectors one should use to sniff out and detect the following:

  • Wireless hidden cameras
  • Recording devices
  • Smoke detector cameras and how nefarious people use them to spy.
  • Nanny cams
  • Disguised USB drive
  • The camera lens in a pen
  • In a phone charger
  • Spy Camera in a clock
  • Hidden cameras in a photo frame in hotel rooms
  • In a plushie doll.
  • A hidden camera Inside a plant
  • In a Mirror
  • In Window seals
  • Lava lamps
  • Clothes hooks
  • and in the tip of a screw!

The bottom line is hidden cameras could be hidden virtually anywhere!

How to find hidden cameras

First, you must be very concerned if you are reading this page and have probably noticed other websites discussing how to hide and detect cameras. Sites are now selling these devices and are sent through Amazon, for example. So, know that you are up against sophisticated technology. Here is the first tip! Hidden cameras send out a signal! What kind of signal? Well, it depends on the type of secret camera they used. In short, there are infrared lights, electronic frequencies, and even over the Internet where the perpetrator has your user/pass to your WI FI network. But before you change the password, get a copy of the current devices connected to your network. Log into your wifi router, and it’ll show “unknown device” and perhaps with a strange name.
The first thing when launching your investigation is to change your WIFI password. Also, note if you are on a hotel room’s wifi network, be very careful. Someone can sniff all your Internet searches and capture your passwords, but that is another topic of discussion.
Before hiring a private investigator, try a few simple things. Turn off all your lights, preferably do it when it is night time look around the room to see if there are flashing red or green LEDs.

How to find hidden cameras using mobile phones

You can even use your smartphone camera as a hidden camera detector. The hidden camera detector app (s) finds hidden cameras. But don’t count on them 100%. To get to 100% and “know,” there are no hidden security cameras or equipment we have, for example, surveillance equipment costing over $100,000.00 and thus is the only way to sniff our infrared cameras, rf signal detection, and various other electronic devices.
But to start, type in the best smartphone hidden camera detector into Google.

How to detect a hidden camera

What to do if you detect a hidden Camera

If you find a hidden camera, call us immediately. Listen, the person who installed the hidden spy camera must be caught. We have many examples where we set up surveillance and caught the perpetrator returning to collect the device. Please do not touch it, as there may be fingerprints. Our number is 1-800-577-1080. We offer a free consultation. Review us and call to hire someone to check for hidden cameras. Hidden spy cameras are tough to find because the person most likely read Internet discussions on how to hide them, and yes… it’s illegal to hide a camera in personal spaces like your bedroom, bathroom, changing areas, etc.

Where are Most Hidden cameras installed?

Most hidden cameras are hidden by the bed or inside the bathroom as pertain to the house. If it’s a business, there are often meeting rooms under a table, in a picture frame, and very sophisticated insider jobs in power outlets and plants. Installing hidden cameras takes a warped power play.

Laws against hidden cameras

“A concealed camcorder, motion camera, or photographic camera (of any type)” is forbidden by the state’s disorderly behavior law. The law prohibits secretly recording someone while in a toilet, dressing room, tanning booth, or anywhere else where they have a reasonable expectation for privacy. Cal. Penal Code SS647(j),(3 ).

Courts have found that hidden video surveillance cameras that record sounds can be used as recording devices against the state’s anti-eavesdropping law. However, appellate courts differ on whether this law can be violated if the camera does not record any sound. People v. Gibbons (215 Cal. App. 3d 1204 (Cal. Ct. App. 1989) (finding out that the eavesdropping laws also protect physical communication such as sexual intercourse, regardless of whether the sound has been recorded); People v. Drennan 84 Cal. App. 4th 1349 (Cal. Ct. App. 2000) (holding the eavesdropping statute protects only sound-based and symbol-based communication; video recordings without sound are not in violation of the ).

When Is Hidden Camera Use Illegal?

California’s anti-paparazzi law also prohibits the trespassing of individuals in private, personal, or familial activities. Cal. Civil Code SS 1708.8. It is illegal to use a device for recording or taking photos of such things — which would otherwise have required a trespass.

Is it against the law to install a camera in a person’s house?

General U.S. Laws Regarding Video Surveillance. Anybody can use video recording cameras to monitor and secure their home or business.

Is it against the law to place cameras in a child’s bedroom?

It’s an excellent question for your private investigator to answer, but the child’s age may limit the answer. A camera installed in a child’s bedroom will be illegal under many US laws.

Does it make sense to install cameras in your home?

Although it is not illegal to install cameras in your house, you must be careful about where they are located. It is unlawful to install cameras in bathrooms or other areas that could be used for US violations.

About Martin Investigative Services

We are private investigators and former Federal agents frequently hired to do bug sweeps at homes and businesses to discover hidden cameras or listening devices. The most frequently asked question is, “Where and when is it illegal to put hidden cameras?” It doesn’t matter if you’re implementing your security system or having many security cameras in your office; you might be wondering the same thing.

The laws governing hidden surveillance are very similar in America. Is it legal to place hidden cameras on your property, or must you notify others? While laws regarding hidden surveillance may vary depending on your location, they are pretty similar across the United States. The following summarizes when it’s okay to use hidden surveillance and recording equipment and when you might be breaking the law. Many laws differ from one state to the next. Before placing hidden cameras, make sure you check your state’s regulations.

Placing your own recording devices in your home

Nanny cams were a popular choice for parents and others who wanted to be able to watch their homes from abroad. These cameras were often hidden in teddy bears to help parents monitor their babysitters. These hidden cameras can be used in most states even though you don’t have consent.

Can I install hidden cameras in another person’s home?

It is illegal to install a hidden camera in someone’s home, as you probably guessed.

A reasonable expectation for privacy

The reasonable expectation for privacy is a crucial principle in any hidden camera law. You can place hidden cameras in your home or anywhere else you like. Hidden cameras are not legal to install in bathrooms or bedrooms of people who live there or anywhere else where it is believed that privacy would be compromised. Imagine cameras being used in these areas. In such cases, surveyors will need to post notices alerting the people being recorded.

Hidden surveillance cameras used in public places

Hidden cameras are allowed in public spaces in many states. People who are in public places already give up their privacy.

Employers using hidden recording equipment.

In most workplace areas, the rules that apply to homes and public places are also applicable. Although employers have the right to place hidden cameras around the workplace, most employers prefer to make the cameras easily visible to encourage employees to do their best.

What to Do if You Think You’re Being Watched

Martin Investigative Services does not charge any fees for consultations. Email us or call 1(800)577-1080 for a free consultation. If you are worried that someone may have illegally installed a hidden camera at your house or workplace. Private investigators can be hired to find hidden cameras and audio bugs on your property.

Note: Most private investigators can not perform bug sweeps. Many people who receive training from the police community don’t have enough money to purchase the most advanced detection equipment. Most detection equipment must be up-to-date every five years to keep up with the latest hidden device technology. Equipment renewals can run into the thousands.

Private investigators in our field buy a “magic wand” online and pretend to sweep your house or business. This is a scam. Martin Investigative Services performs routine bug sweeps with physical and digital scans of properties to discover hidden recording devices or cameras. We offer a complete money-back guarantee for these services.

Secret surveying equipment, especially in the corporate sector, is more common than one might think. Between 1969 and 1988, the “find rate” in homes and businesses was around 4%; in the years since, the rate has been steadily increasing and is now at 16%.

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