Finding out where he goes can be concerning, but better to know now than later! Question: Should you do a background check on your boyfriend?

If you are wondering how can you find where your boyfriend disappears for hours, then take note.  The true way without a doubt is having an expert Orange County private investigator follow him during those timeframes. 

Now, if he is up to nefarious things like seeing another person, then you need to be ready. Make sure you let a couple deep loved ones know what you plan to do.  If, however, he is not doing anything but hanging with friends for example, then now you know.  But there are also signs that come with a boyfriend cheating

First tip: Ultimately, hire a private investigator should you want to maintain full anonymity. In other words, if you have deep suspicions, then tread quietly. This way, you can catch him in the act!
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If you want to know why boyfriends cheat on girlfriends, it could be a lack of integrity. He can make up excuses, and even blame the girlfriend for things, but the bottom line is, he does not live up to his word.

What You should Do?

Find a relationship coach while you do your due diligence and find out the truth. You deserve it. Now, first thing to do is to gather dates, time frames, and situations when he disappears. Then simply ask him what was his day about. Then take note. Build a story line.


Well today, the “hotel” is an Airbnb. Yes, he may also have checked into a hotel, but due to many changes from COVID, etc, hotels, motels, and Airbnb is asking for a form of identification, like a credit card or debit card to make a hotel reservation. Thus the electronic trail.


If your boyfriend paid in cash, many reputable places still want some form of identification. But what if the person he is cheating with paid for the hotel room? Then it will be tougher to trace him of course. But there are still ways to get to your conclusion.

So let’s go down the path where many cheating boyfriend have been caught.

First, they get lazy and leave messages like on search results on their computer. Also, they get shifty-eyed, meaning they act defensive and quite possibly point to you, the girlfriend, as the cheater.

Are you wanting to be a detective? Do you want to put yourself through the initial work? If so, read on.

Note: We don’t advocate breaking any laws whatsoever, so here are simple suggestions.

  1. Check his computer browser files. Go to the settings area, and click on privacy and security. You will see his history of what he’s been thinking about. You may find a cache of the websites he has visited. Maybe a hotel?
  2. Some people have used an Apple AirTag that is designed to help find their keys should they misplace them. Read about Apple AirTags.
  3. Review bank statements, i.e., online quickly as the hotel may put a dollar amount to hold reservations, then in a day or two, will fall off. Keep an eye on his account electronically.
  4. Look at his mobile phone to check his location history. Here is a video to give you an overview;
  5. Did your boyfriend come home last night or early in the morning? From our personal experience, once you see trails of suspicious activity, take note. Ask a friend or a loved one about your feelings to make sure you keep sane. Now, if you live in a rural county where there is only one hotel, perhaps you call and say you left your coat in room number x. The hotel attendant may accidentally give you the number and now you know he was there.
  6. Get a Private Investigator! Again from our personal experience, it takes “time” to build a case, especially if you children together. Here at Martin Investigative Services, we do things compliant with state and federal laws and thus our information on your husband is admissible in court.

Now, you may think that any investigator will do. No, that is the farthest from the truth. Choose only the top private investigator firm in the US. Martin Investigative Services is one if not the top Investigators. Also, we offer a free consultation, and all your questions are kept 100% confidential and will never be divulged to your husband. Check out our reviews. We are sought out by corporations, realtors, business owners, and individuals like yourself who need support during these trying times.

Get started and face this problem with strength! Your ready to do a background check on your friend?

Well, call us today, and ask for Thomas Martin. He has been on local and national TV discussing many situations and he wrote a book to help people who are going through what you are going through.

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Feeling secure and trusting your partner is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy relationship. But what if you're faced with puzzling situations, such as when your boyfriend disappears for hours with no explanation? It's natural to feel uneasy, and sometimes it's necessary to seek assistance to either assuage your fears or confirm your suspicions. This is where comes in. At, we're committed to offering a range of comprehensive investigative services. As professional private investigators, we're equipped to discreetly handle cases where a partner's behavior raises red flags, such as sudden, unexplained absences.At, we respect and uphold the legal boundaries of private investigation. Before we start any investigation, we ensure our clients are fully aware of the laws in their jurisdiction and understand the potential risks and outcomes. Our experienced team of investigators is based across several locations. So, whether you're looking for a private investigator in San Francisco, Orange County, or San Diego, we've got you covered.If you find yourself troubled by your boyfriend's unexplained absences, remember, you're not alone, and it's okay to seek help. is here to provide the answers you need, maintain your peace of mind, and help you navigate through the uncertainties.

So, what should I do if my boyfriend disappears for hours without explanation? You can hire a private investigator to find out the truth and where he goes if you too, are asking yourself this question. Whether he is engaging in suspicious behavior or simply spending time with friends, a private investigator can provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your relationship. If you're ready to take the next step, contact Martin Investigative Services and speak with Thomas Martin to assist you in your investigative matter.

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