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Private investigator firms are the modern-day answer to mystery and intrigue. Private investigation firms are helpful to companies as they can help solve everyday problems or dig up dirt on someone who has wronged you.

If you are looking for the services of professional investigators, look no further than Martin Investigative Services. As one of the best investigation firms, our investigators are Former Federal agents, and our network comprises former FBI, DEA, IRS, and Service agents and IRS.

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about private investigation firms and how they work so that you can hire one when needed: what they do, how they work with clients, and more.

What do private investigators do?

A private investigator is an individual who works for a company or agency to conduct investigations for various purposes. People and companies can hire private investigators to help them solve problems, gather information, and find people who need help locating.

Many people think private investigators are spies’, but that’s not true. A spy gathers information about another country for political or military reasons. A private investigator may work for a law firm or insurance company, or he may work independently to solve problems for clients who hire him as needed. There are also differences between a PI and private detectives.

Private investigators use many methods to gather information on people and businesses, including surveillance and background investigation. They often have special forensic science training to collect evidence during an investigation.

Their work usually involves following people or conducting surveillance operations such as wiretapping or bugging buildings or carsPrivate investigation companies hire professionals who have the experience to solve complex problems. They offer a wide range of services, including

  • Investigation of crimes such as embezzlement, fraud, stalking, and harassment
  • Conduct surveillance of people or property
  • Skip tracing (finding missing persons)
  • Process serving (serving legal documents such as subpoenas)
  • Asset searches
  • Background checks
  • Bug Sweeps
  • Search for missing persons

When would I need a private investigator?

Private investigators are hired for a wide range of reasons. They can help you with the following:

Business affairs.

A PI can be invaluable if you suspect that your employee or business partner has embezzled money from your company or cheated on the company’s funds. They will be able to uncover information about the person or people involved.

Personal matters.

If you have doubts about your spouse’s fidelity or suspect your partner is cheating, it is essential to hire a private investigator for confirmation. A private investigator can help you gather evidence against them so they can be prosecuted.

Legal issues

If you have been accused of a crime, contacting PI for law firms is vital immediately. Private investigators can provide evidence to help you defend yourself during a court case. If you want to prove your innocence, collecting the evidence correctly and documenting it so it can be used in your defense is crucial.

They will be able to find out what happened in the past and help your case significantly. They can also help track down witnesses who can speak on your behalf during the trial.

The benefits of a private investigator

The benefits of a private investigator are numerous. They provide valuable services to businesses and individuals that may otherwise be unavailable. The benefits of a private investigator include the following:

Investigative skills

Private investigators possess specialized skills that enable them to conduct investigations for their clients. These include surveillance, computer forensics, interviewing and interrogation, locating persons, missing person with mental illness searches, and background checks. This expertise can be invaluable for individuals who need help with a particular investigation or situation.


The nature of an investigation often requires confidentiality. Investigation firms provide this because they are not required by law to report information learned during an investigation to anyone other than the client or agency paying for the investigation.

Professionalism and experience

A professional investigator has been trained in criminal justice and has received additional investigation training. They are licensed by their state and insured against liability claims resulting from their work on behalf of clients.

Cost-effective results

Hiring a private investigator is often cheaper than hiring multiple employees or paying for expensive equipment if you have the time or expertise. You can also save money by using their services regularly instead of doing most of your legwork on each case yourself each time it arises.

Access to databases

Private investigators have access to various resources you may not have available. This includes information about other people involved in the case or places they could hide. They can use their connections and resources to provide you with any information you need to get through this challenging time.

How can I find a good private investigator?

If you’re looking to hire a private investigator, look no further than Martin Investigative Services. Our investigators are Former Federal agents. Our network has investigators that are former FBI, DEA, IRS, and Service agents. Our directory is filled with the best private investigators in your area. We’ve researched to find out who has the best experience and will do their job professionally and honestly.

Finding an excellent private investigator takes work. It requires research and a bit of luck. Here are some tips to help you find the right fit in a sea of many investigation firms:

The first thing you should do is check out the state’s licensing board for private investigators. You’ll want to make sure that whatever agency you choose has been approved by this board. Most states have this type of agency because it ensures that all licensed detectives are appropriately qualified for their jobs.

Ask for references. Ask to speak with previous clients who can give you an unbiased opinion of their services. Ask specific questions, such as “Were they always available when needed?” and “Did they follow through on all of their promises?”

Interview potential PI’s before hiring them. During your interview, ask about their policies regarding surveillance and undercover operations; what methods they use for interviewing witnesses and informants; are they insured; if so, does it cover employees working in the field; do they have equipment that can be used in high-risk situations; how long will it take them to get results; what kind of background checks do they conduct on employees; how many years of experience do they have in their field and how much will it cost you per hour or day?

You can also search for reviews of different private investigator firms online. This will give you an idea of how others view those companies and help you weed out any bad ones before you waste time on them.

Consider how long the firm has been in business and how many cases they have handled in the past. The more experience a company has, the better its chance of providing excellent service.

Additionally, check out the company’s reputation with any state agencies that license PIs, like your state’s attorney general’s office, as well as with local law enforcement agencies where the investigator operates from.

How long does an investigation take?

Investigations can vary in length, depending on the type, scope, and complexity of the case you are working on. Typically, private investigation companies start their investigation once they have all the details about your case. Most investigations take two to four weeks to complete, but some may take longer, depending on the matter.

How much do investigations cost?

The cost of hiring a private investigator can vary greatly depending on the agency, location, and case you are investigating. However, most agencies will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate after taking a look at your case.

The majority of private investigation companies charge by the hour or day. Some investigators may require an upfront retainer fee or payment upfront. This is common with more prominent cases and those requiring significant research time. Private investigators must disclose their rates before engaging in any client work.

Many states have laws that require agents to post their rates, so clients have access to them before signing any contracts or agreements.


Private investigation firms are a great resource to use when you need to hire a private investigator. There are many different types of private investigators, so you’ll want to ensure that you research and find the perfect one for your needs. These companies will help you navigate hiring an investigator and provide recommendations based on their knowledge of different investigations.

At Martin Investigative Services, we provide full-service, professional private investigation services. With over 50 years of experience, our private investigators have been featured in the national and local press, including the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal. If you want to use our services, call us at 1-800-577-1080 or fill out our web form, and our customer service team will contact you immediately.

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