Corporate Security Private Investigation Service

Corporate Security Private Investigation Service

Private investigators (PIs) or detectives uncover financial, personal, and legal information. PIs work in various environments depending on their current assignment. Some spend more time researching cases on computers (in their offices), while others perform surveillance or conduct interviews in the field.

corporate security investigator performs investigatory law services. Most of them work for attorneys in criminal and civil cases; however, others get hired by individuals or other entities to investigate and uncover information on various cases, including possible termination, recovery of losses, potential prosecution, pr disciplinary proceedings.

Our agency is composed of former federal agents of the DEA, FBI, IRS and Secret Service. This insures our level of experience and knowledge is unsurpassed in our profession. We serve clients in all 50 states and in numerous foreign countries.

Corporate Security Private Investigation Service

What are the advantages of a private investigator?

There are several benefits of hiring a private investigator to solve your case. They include the following:

Conducting background checks

Experienced PIs can follow legally proven procedures to find the truth. These include conducting thorough background checks on all people involved with the investigations. A private investigator will likely get more information than you or less dedicated law enforcement agencies during their investigation.

Drawing on experience

Most investigations are complex and usually require untangling many red herrings or clues, so you should leave the process to experienced professionals. You may want to do the investigation yourself; however, the chances are that your PI is more experienced with the procedures and techniques and can yield better results.

Handling complexity

Often, complex cases are stressful, and there is a chance that they may get out of hand. Hiring trained PIs improves your chances, allowing you to relax knowing everything is under control. PIs have sufficient skills they’ll use to defuse or contain the situation.

Gathering evidence

Evidence is crucial when handling complex cases during legal proceedings. Your PI understands this and aims to help you navigate such instances. The PI understands where and how to look and the best ways to gather evidence to back your case. Hiring them increases your chances of winning the case.

Understanding legal procedures

PIs know how crucial it is for you and them to comply with legal processes. They should do this to avoid your case failing despite all the time, hard work, and resources invested in searching for evidence. Experienced PIs will advise you on what you must do to get the best results through legal means and channels.

Guaranteeing anonymity

It’s challenging to investigate individuals you know. Often, you’ll have difficulty finding any evidence, and the chances are that you may get caught before finalizing your investigation. PIs are the better option since the individual doesn’t know them. Additionally, PIs have the skills required to minimize their presence.


Another advantage to hiring a PI is they are more efficient and can finish the investigation faster than you can. Their network of collaborators, paired with their experience, makes them perfect for the investigation. PIs can find information much quicker, helping you arrive at reliable conclusions about the investigation.

What are the limitations of a private investigator?

Private investigators have a list of things they cant do. Doing some of the items listed here would be illegal, while others won’t work. Here are limitations stating what private PIs cannot legally do.

Operating without a license

Private investigators cannot operate without a license. There are extensive laws dictating what a private investigator can’t do; as such, they can’t work if state law requires them to have a license. Other regulations state that private investigators should provide evidence of their expertise before getting a license to operate.

These include:

  • Getting fingerprinted
  • Working for a specific number of hours under a licensed private investigator
  • Passing an examination
  • Getting a degree or background in law enforcement

Impersonating law enforcement

Private investigators should not impersonate law enforcement to coerce, deceive, or threaten someone. This is illegal, and any evidence obtained will not be admissible in court. Most states in the US state that private investigators should not use any logo, wear a uniform or carry a badge implying that they are law enforcement.


Private investigators should not trespass on private property through illegal means like breaking and entering. Additionally, they should not trespass to do surveillance without the homeowner’s permission.


Wiretaps are devices placed on phone lines to intercept and record phone conversations. Wiretaps can be illegal; however, it depends on the state. Some states, like Ohio, have a one-party consent allowing wiretaps if one party consents. Others have a two-party consent requiring no permission from individuals being intercepted.

Getting protected information and placing GPS trackers

Regulations don’t allow private investigators to access protected information like SSNs (Social Security Numbers), personal financial information, and medical records. Additionally, other laws state that PIs cannot track any vehicle without the owner’s consent. However, they can track the vehicle with permission from the owner, regardless of who’s driving it.

What are the disadvantages of a private investigator?

Several things could happen if you hire a bad private investigator. For instance, bad private investigators won’t care about crossing the line as long as they get what they want. This could land you in various legal problems, and information obtained through illegal means will be inadmissible in court.

Other disadvantages include:


Hiring a private investigator is costly, and experienced private investigators often charge more than their inexperienced counterparts. However, the upside is that experience private investigators are more likely to provide reliable results on time. Experienced PIs charge about 200 dollars an hour plus a 2-3k retainer.

This may seem expensive; however, you must remember that private investigators work odd hours, some of which may be spent performing surveillance. It helps to weigh your options and determine whether the ROI (Return On Investment) is worth it. Ensure you discuss with your preferred private investigation firm to determine possible fees.

Poor quality work

As mentioned earlier, a private investigator may provide unreliable results, especially if they come cheap. Their investigation may take time and produce little or inconsistent proof. Additionally, the investigator may obtain vital information illegally, which may implicate you.

Experienced private investigators (often retired law enforcement agents) have sufficient experience gathering and documenting evidence. They also have reliable contacts they can reach out to for reliable information. Remember, the requirements for becoming a private investigator aren’t strict, and there is a chance you may end up with a bad PI.


Some private investigators aren’t reliable, especially considering the nature of their work or the money they choose to spend. A reliable PI should provide regular progress updates; however, some customers have difficulty contacting their PIs. You should hire a private investigator from a reputable firm. One who offers good progress reports and you are sure you can reach them at any moment.

Are private investigators worth the money?

Private investigators are valuable for many reasons. For instance, they can help you find invaluable information necessary to win your claim in court. Additionally, they can help you find missing persons or do background checks in case you want to partner on a deal with a business associate.

However, the private investigator’s worth depends on the services needed and the personal situation. Some investigators may charge you a lot of money for simple requests. However, looking at the situation from a different perspective makes you notice that the PI helped you save lots of time and stress through their experience and efficiency.

Private investigators are crucial if the information recovered is vital and cannot be obtained through other means. You should consider the cost of the investigation and return on investment to determine whether hiring a PI is worth it. Also, you need to check the PI’s experience and credentials before hiring them.

Types Of Private Investigation Services

Private investigation services fall under seven categories. These include:

  • Family law investigation
  • Background investigation
  • Infidelity investigation
  • Fraud investigation
  • Skip trace investigation
  • Forensic investigation
  • Cold case investigation

Some private investigation services can be straightforward depending on the case, i.e., family issues and fraud. However, others are more complicated with high stakes, i.e., forensic or missing person investigations. However, the most common private investigation service solicited is background investigations.

Corporate Security includes:


Workplace violence harms employers, employees, and a business’s overall functioning. It plays a crucial role in responding to and preventing workplace violence. Corporate security and investigations involve placing prevention strategies meant to identify and address workplace violence to create a secure environment.


This is a crucial part of corporate security, and investigations help ensure visitors, employees, company assets, and employers are safe. Some key components of this aspect involve emergency response, access control, crisis management, employee screening, crisis management, and training & awareness.


Insider threat is the possibility of former or current employees, other insiders, or contractors illegally accessing an organization to sabotage, steal, or get involved in other malicious activities. These are challenging to prevent and detect because the individuals have legitimate access to the company. Corporate security aims to detect and mitigate such threats.


Corporate security to prevent any company losses due to fraud, theft, or other malicious activities. The strategies aim to mitigate risks, identify attacks, and deter potential threats. They do this through physical security, employee screening, loss prevention training, data loss prevention, fraud detection, etc.


Getting the best private investigator to help you with your case is stressful. However, you can use the information above to help you stay informed on what you need to know before hiring a private investigator. Our private investigator has a reliable network of former law enforcement agents, including the FBI, DEA, IRS, and Secret Service. Call us today at 1-800-577-1080 or fill out our web form for immediate help with your case.

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