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How to Find Your Birth Father

How to Find Your Birth Father

With the COVID-19 stay-in-shelter order, people have had more time to reflect on the world, their lives – and spend time on some things that maybe they wouldn’t have done otherwise.

For some people, staying at home has been about as enjoyable as breaking an arm. For others, there have been some very positive things to come of it.

I wanted to focus on two testimonials that we recently received from people that called us to assist in helping them to find their birth father.

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How to Find Your Birth Parents

First up is Dawn M., who wrote her review in 2 parts (before and after):

Tom has been great! I am trying to locate my birth father and he has been informative and has the perfect demeanor for this sensitive situation. I trust his knowledge and hope for a great outcome! I’ll write more when we are through this process, wish me luck!!

**Follow up: Everything went FANTASTIC. Better than I could have ever imagined! I truly believe that having Tom handle this situation made all the difference in the world. His professionalism, knowledge and relatable warm personality made an impossible situation, possible. I highly recommend his services. Prompt, fair, trustworthy and kind. Thank you, Tom for helping me connect with my father after 35 years!

Thanks Dawn for your very kind review. All of us here are pleased for you, your father and both extended families.

Second, we have a review for another birth father locate case:

I had been estranged from my father for more than 16 years. My profession has me quite adept at conducting Internet searches, and I have access to some higher order people-tracking capabilities. But when it came to my Dad, all that brought nothing but false leads and dead ends.

My Dad is 87 years old now. For years I was sure he was probably dead. Yet I could never find his death certificate anywhere. And his older brother was still alive. So I always had that small spark of hope.

As a last gasp, I contacted Martin Investigative Services. Tom Martin assured me his databases were far more sophisticated than anything I had ever tried. I was skeptical to say the least. But since the search he suggested was surprisingly affordable, I gave it a try.

Within a DAY, he had found my Dad. A few hours before writing this review, I spoke on the phone with my 87-year-old father for 45 minutes, our first conversation in a decade and a half. He is doing remarkably well, and was very happy to hear from me. I can’t tell you what a load off my mind this is, eliminating that uncertainty. Thank you Martin Investigative Services. You are literally the answer to my prayers.

Your words say it all and we are grateful for this review. Happy Father’s Day to your dad.

What to Expect from MartinPI

  • First is your privacy. We keep nothing. We directly give all copies of photos and videos collected during any surveillance investigation to the client. We keep nothing.
  • Second, we will save money and time. Be it business or personal, effective private investigation helps you avoid the bad decisions that ultimately cost money.
  • Third, is a full money-back Guarantee. We offer a 100% full money-back guarantee on all of our services.

How can we be so confident?

Our investigators are Former Federal agents. Our network comprises Los Angeles private investigators and Orange County private investigators that are former DEA, FBI, IRS, and Secret Service agents.
Why choose us?
We are friendly and approachable. The idea of calling a private investigator can be intimidating. You will find us friendly and down-to-earth.

What else to consider?

We offer a free consultation. No risk. Our friendly staff can help with your issue or point you in the right direction. The consult is free and confidential.  Ready?  Call 1-800-577-1080.  We look forward to helping you!

I have known Tom Martin since 1984.  I, as well as our company, have used Tom’s services over 30 years, personal as well as business.  We have never been disappointed!  Tom does what he says and I believe he is the BEST there is.

Michele Kurtz

Vice-President Plastic Express

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If your gut feeling tells you there is something wrong, heed its warning!  Here at Martin Investigative Services, your call will be held in the strictist of confidence.  We are here to help you!

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Client Testimonials

I’ve represented individuals and businesses (international and local) for close to fifty years, and I’ve called on Martin Investigative Services more times than I can count, often on a rush basis, for help throughout the world, on a number of different types of assignments.  I’ve never been disappointed.  I’ve always received swift, cost-effective and USEFUL information, which has wound up “saving the bacon” of our clients and making us shine in their eyes.  I recommend them without any reservation.

Peter M. Callahan

Attorney at Law Callahan Thompson Sherman & Caudill, LLP

Martin Investigative Services is truly one of the best run organizations we have worked with. Fair, efficient and professional. Tom Martin in particular exudes confidence and experience and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. That’s something we can rely on.

Marcia Bankoff

Organizational Resources Specialist, Kreative Webworks, Inc.

Successful people know that to be the best, you model the best. I cannot recommend Martin PI any higher! In a five-minute conversation with experienced people you can save thousands by bypassing sales types. They do this by cutting directly to the heart based on years and years of passionate pursuit of best practices and adding massive value to their clients. They are an invaluable part of my team and Tom is my most valued mentor!

Jason Sisneros

Author of Destiny's Doorstep

Martin Investigative Services has performed background checks, private investigation, surveillance, nanny background checks and bug sweeps for our clients.  They have also served difficult process in lawsuits.  They have performed unquestionably and unfailingly to perfection.  We will always call Martin first – and hope he hasn’t been called yet by the other side!

Lisa & Bruce Hughes

Hughes and Hughes, LLP

We have used Martin Investigative Services for three decades. Their work is exemplary; reports are perfect and their testimony is very professional, with great judge and jury appeal. We will not use anyone else for our investigations.

Steven Silverstein

Former Orange County Trial Lawyer, Association Trial Lawyer of the Year

It has been my pleasure to work with Martin Investigative Services over the past 30 plus years on many investigations as well as other security related matters.  When I need answers and I need them fast I know that a simple call will get me answers that are succinct, current and coming from a supremely knowledgeable source.

Bill Bancroft

President & CEO Patrol One

Over 50 years of local experience in Newport Beach.

Over the years, we have developed solid relationships with local law enforcement, attorneys, and professionals in a number of fields.

More often than not, these relationships help us produce results in a short amount of time.

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Our private investigators are former Federal agents.

Our private investigators are former DEA, FBI, IRS, and Secret Service agents. This is a benefit that few other private investigators in Newport Beach offer.

You can be assured that your case will be conducted with a level of professionalism that only years of training and investigative experience can bring.

About Thomas Martin

As a former supervisory Federal agent, Thomas G. Martin represented the U.S. Department of Justice in over 50 foreign countries and the United States.

He received numerous awards during his service including 2 U.S. Department of Justice Special Achievement Awards.

After retiring as a Federal agent, Martin formed Martin Investigative Services.

Martin now oversees 22 male and female private investigators. All are former supervisory Federal agents.

They speak a combined total of 15 languages fluently. All are considered experts in Federal, State and local courts.

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