Husband Cheating During Super Bowl or Valentines Day- Need Private Investigation?

Superbowl Sunday Surpasses Valentines DAY for Marital Surveillances

As we reported last year, Superbowl has now eclipsed Valentine’s Day for the number of surveillance assignments we receive and actually work.

The world of private investigations is not a stable place. However, one constant is that private investigators are always very busy on Valentine’s Day, and even more so on Superbowl Sunday.

Superbowl Sunday Surpasses Valentines DAY for Marital Surveillances

Super Bowl Sunday Surpasses Valentine’s Day For Marital Surveillances

This is traditionally a day when people having an affair must be present with their “other.” Many people consider it an end of a relationship to not acknowledge or be present with their significant other on this day.

For the past 50 years, media outlets have called our offices around February 1 every year. They request that we take them on a marital surveillance case to give them a better understanding of our work and methods. Our lawyers forbid this activity. The civil liability, potential lawsuits, and civil exposure if the client is injured are too prohibitive. It is essential to keep clients’ identities private.

A first-class agency may have 20 or more surveillance jobs involving cheating spouses during Valentine’s Day. This number could be higher if the day falls on Friday or Saturday. This gives the couple more time to spend with one another: A day for their spouse/husband and partner. It is important that lovers meet up when Valentine’s Day falls during the week. This is separate from a matter that can be discussed.

It’s always the same scenario:

  • Our clients make up 80% of our business, and 20% are men.
  • They set up an appointment and then went to one of my five offices.
  • We can reach them during surveillance if they provide us with their contact information.
  • They gave all information about their spouse, including name, home and work addresses, photos, vehicle and plate information, and when they started.

The hourly rate is $150 plus $0.95 per mile. We work in four-hour minimums—minimum retainer: $750. Clients usually give us $2500. We tell clients that we will stay within the retainer amount. It is best to have extra funds in case of extended surveillance.

(By the by, if you ever hire a private investigator, ensure that the PI agrees to return any unused funds. Also, make sure that the retainer is not considered non-refundable. This is unfair and a complete rip-off.

These clients either have a male intuition or a feeling that their mate is cheating. They often know the identity of their lover or co-subject.

Female clients want to prove their husbands wrong that they think they are crazy or just “imagining” things. Many people want to have some closure in their lives.

Clients who are female want actual proof to prove their husbands wrong. They want some closure in their lives.

Male clients tend to be less cerebral and more visceral. Many clients want proof to prove their case. We won’t accept such people as our clients. We tell them that we are too busy to handle their case.

Over the years, we have seen people date their mate’s sister, brother, co-worker, or neighbor. We have a video of it all if you can’t imagine it.

I had the pleasure of meeting with a local TV reporter to discuss our surveillance work on Valentine’s Day. On this day, we completed four surveillance tasks. One case involved a husband who was living two lives. We call this the double whammy. He was cheating on his wife, but with a man.

The art of marital surveillance has seen dramatic changes in the last five years. There has been a slight decrease in the number of cases of marital surveillance. It is all down to technology and the machines we depend on.

Before the smartphone age, spouses would bring basic information about themselves, such as their vehicle, work schedule, and identifying data. We had to search for the evidence using minimal clues. Clients are often armed with the evidence they found on their mate’s phone and only need to confirm it. You might get a text or email saying, “Let’s meet at Hyatt.” At 7:00 p.m., we should each take separate elevators and meet in room 318. You can have dinner and room service. You can order dinner with room service.

The “money shot” occurs later in the evening or the next day when both exit the elevator together.

Most people are open and honest with one another. They meet in the lobby, hug, and then go to drinks at the bar. Then they go to dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, and then they go to their rooms.

The marital surveillance job today is like shooting fish in barrels. With all the information that our clients have, it is almost too simple.

Why would someone hire a private investigator instead of a friend? It is crucial to get the evidence in court acceptable form by investigators who can be called in as expert witnesses. This is crucial to the outcome of a divorce case and what each spouse ends up with.

Enjoy the game!

Many of the most prominent US-based PI agencies noticed that Super Bowl Sunday was receiving many requests to us for marital surveillance jobs. Our company has conducted twice as many Super Bowl Sunday surveillances over the past two years than Valentine’s Day. 

This switch could be due to multiple factors.

First, Valentine’s Day is well-known for its PI activity. Cheating subjects may have become paranoid about their mates hiring us.

Second, Super Bowl Sunday has become a significant event in Las Vegas. It is also great for neighborhood parties, sports bars, and other local events. These three factors allow people to disguise themselves as legitimate events by joining already-formed organizations.

Third, not all subjects attend a Super Bowl event having an affair or wanting to hook up with another person. People can let their emotions take over in the Super Bowl atmosphere.

Las Vegas and other areas might not be recorded, but it could end up on video.

You can enjoy the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs game. We will be there.

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